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for The Woods are Lonely, Dark and Deep

11/3/2019 c22 somersault-j
I've heard about this story. Again and again. Everyone seems to have read it. EXCEPT ME lol And I'm SUCH a huge fan of hurt Dean. And now here we are. And...OH. MY. GOD! I MEAN, THERE WAS WHUMP ON TOP OF WHUMP! But it wasn't only that. So well written. I sobbed my way through chapter 14 and 15. These chapters were so damn intense.

Sam worried out of his mind. Bobby loving Dean so much, seeing him as his son. Hudak might be a favorite. The creepy Benders. OH, MAN, AM I GLAD I FINALLY GOT TO READ THIS? Hell yes. Am I disappointed in myself that I haven't read it sooner? Like 10 years ago? You bet your ass. lol

I was glued to every fucking word. Thank you for this emotional rollercoaster. THANK YOU! I loved this so damn much! And now on to the sequels!
10/22/2018 c16 Guest
Yet another person who writes without doing research YOU DONT RESTRAIN SOMEONE EHOS HAVING A SEIZURE YOU F*CKING IDIOT.

The amount of people who clearly know nothing about what to do when someone has a seizure scares me, do your fucking research when writing people it's not fucking hard!
3/26/2017 c17 Guest
You literally have a gift. I hope you never stop writing. You inspire hope through dark places and write like a master. This story has changed me.
2/13/2017 c22 4sunshine102897
Jeez. This was such a rollercoaster. Amazing story.
1/30/2016 c22 36BlackIceWitch
Supernatural Fan Fiction Monthly Awards : January 2016

Well written in a smooth, fluid narrative style that brought the character viewpoints to life very believably. What began as a chilling study of a deviant mind - contrasted cleverly with the normal and decent human views of Sam and Kathleen - seemed to flounder somewhat as implausibilities and discrepancies mounted up, though the story retained its readability to the end. Description, action scenes and dialogue were handled very well, providing clear and vivid imagery to draw the reader into the story, enough to see the surroundings very well. Characterisations were strong and motivations were, for the most part, believable. Missy must have been carrying one of those special rabbit's feet around with her, being as hard to get rid of as the Terminator.
1/18/2016 c22 2Catasauqua
Supernatural Fan Fiction Monthly Awards Review: Novel/Horror January 2016

Well, your story was surely horrific. The Benders were about as twisted as people could get and Dean took an enormous amount of punishment, both physical and psychological. It's good Bobby ran into Dean when he did. Kathleen was an outstanding OC, well fleshed out and capable.

The story was well formatted and grammatically clean.
1/10/2016 c22 110LeeMarieJack
Supernatural Fan Fiction Monthly Awards Review: January 2016

This was a masterful telling of the making of a monster. Well written, tight and far too real to be comfortable. That there are such monsters in the real world we learn all too often. It is better to contain them here, on these pages and keep them out of the light. There is so much darkness and pain in thes story that it was difficult at times to move on to the next chapter.
1/10/2016 c2 LeeMarieJack
It is almost impossible for Missy to get so twisted in her short life. She is, however, a full out raging monster and not something you want to meet in the words.
12/14/2015 c22 1Iwatchthewatchers
Holy cow I loved it! How do I say this...It seemed natural and accurate at the same time? Most of the time stories like this are either loaded with emotion but not accurate to how people really react, or they are accurate to reaction but there's nothing behind it in the writing to make you believe it. And miraculously enough this had both perfectly. At one point I thought to myself "Man this is textbook in the best way possible" (not meaning cliche because while textbook you backed that shit up with so much astounding writing that it was like I was rediscovering the reactions) Oh I just love how well balanced the chapters were and how you put in the right amount of detail and it didn't ever turn into rambling...I'm just floored.

And because I feel like you might actually want something constructive to work with the only minor fault I found was that it seemed super unlucky for ALL that shit to happen like seriously the universe has a grudge. But minor. Off to read everything you've ever written now again thank you for being one of the best fanfiction writers I have ever seen. :)
10/17/2015 c1 110LeeMarieJack
Missy is a 13 year old psychotic killer. What a perfect monster for a Winchester story. She's liable to be more dangerous than a Windigo on Dean's tail.
10/5/2015 c1 6Biancachu
I really like this.
6/13/2015 c9 Guest
This, this story doesn't even have words to describe how amazing it is
4/9/2014 c22 Zanoushe
Well, damn. I have to admit, I shed more than a few tears reading this. I just want to hug Dean, except I'm pretty sure he wouldn't exactly take that well.
2/10/2014 c10 Guest
I love this quote: "turning his eldest into a near-psychotic serial killer and driving his youngest as far away from the remnants of his family as he could possibly get."
i think it sums up the winchester family perfectly!
10/11/2013 c22 64Loopylou
Holy mother of God, this is brutal and unrelenting and just damn gutting. It's so well written. Poor Dean... Poor everyone.
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