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11/20/2019 c4 Guest
Awwww I can't wait to read more. Pity.
8/20/2018 c4 2jellocaptain
Can't wait for Caged Lion please update soon :)
10/14/2017 c4 Guest
Awww ... I hope this story would continue. I really liked it.
3/25/2012 c4 22thewibblywobblywolf
This story is really great!

When Will the next chapter come? It's been like 3 years since last time!
6/8/2011 c4 skwirl
It really seems like this has been abandoned; Please tell me it hasn't! This is one of, if not the most amazing Potterfic I've read!

Every once in a while it pops into my head and I can't stop thinking about it! You really are a fantastic writer, and, though I do love your other story, I want an update on this so bad!

I really hope you don't end up retreating into fanfic-death, as has happened with great writers before.

Gummy bears,

4/2/2011 c4 2EmlynMara
I really hope this story hasn't been abandoned. It has a lot of potential. The plot line is very interesting. I can't wait to see how things develop.
2/10/2011 c2 24DukeBrymin
Just wanted to let you know I've added this to my compilation of Harry/Ginny marriage contract fics.

Anyway, great chapter! I'm rather happy that Harry figured out some way of saving Ginny, even if he doesn't know her.
2/9/2011 c1 DukeBrymin
Very enjoyable beginning-I hope you haven't completely abandoned it. . .
1/26/2011 c4 1Nettis92
I would love to see were all of this is going. Is there any chance that it will be updated?
1/16/2011 c3 Reno
Poor Ginny and Harry and Hermione! How Harry and Hermione are treated is just horrid, I can't believe that the ministry never did any checks on the muggleborns, then again, they probably were checked on but Lucius probably evaded it somehow by bribing Fudge... And now Harry, Ginny, and Hermione have to deal with the repercussions of Lucius' manipulations. Can't wait to see what's next!
1/16/2011 c2 Reno
Wow, can't wait to see what happens next! It's really not turning out very good for Ginny is it? Married to a stranger in a strange household, but maybe things will turn out all right afterall?
1/16/2011 c1 Reno
This is a good first chapter, can't wait to read the next one!
1/13/2011 c4 Sitka
This is a really good story. I saw that it hadn't been updated in almost two years so I was reluctant to read it but I gave in thinking I wouldn't get hooked in four chapters but I stand corrected. I am beyond hooked. Please update soon!
10/28/2010 c3 Sean Mulligan
Lucius made a lame excuse. If he thought that Ginny was crazy, he would have refused to let his son marry her.
10/28/2010 c4 Sean Mulligan
How can the Malfoys get away with turning the children they foster into personal servants? The Weasley can't be that poor, if they can afford to several foster muggleborn children. Why does everyone believe that Ginny would try and get bethrothed to Malfoy.
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