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8/25/2016 c9 1Ardtornismyname
Question, how did Jack and James get discovered by the British Nobles?
12/19/2013 c13 81Umeko
I am not really a fan of time travel and sci fic, but Murphy's outift reminds me a bit of Doctor Who. Nice addition of a very suitable wife (and family) for James instead of going down the path of Sparrington slash. Note Jack bringing Will and Lizzie together in the 18th century and now helping to bring James and Mare together in the modern era. Jack's probably going to be a great uncle or godfather to the baby.
5/23/2010 c13 5BlueDragonflame
Having gone through "Jack to the Future" and this in only a couple of days, I have to say that I love your characterization of Jack and Norrington and having them interact in a modern setting is very interesting. The long-term plot of the consequences of Jack's immortality and the involvement of the mysterious Murphy has em very intrigued. You're obviously a very skilled writer.

My only criticisms are regarding Mare. I'll be honest and say that in general I really dislike having Original Characters serve as love interests, mostly because it's hardly ever done well. To your credit Mare isn't an obvious Mary Sue or overtly grating, but at the same time I'm not at all attached to her. Thus far she hasn't shown much personality and apart from that fact that she's a decently attractive, reasonably intelligent redhead, I don't know why James is so enamored with her. Part of this might be because so much of the courtship happened off-screen.

Another issue is that what little personality she has shown is so close to James' own that I'm finding their dynamic as a couple kind of dull. The problem is that BECAUSE she's not a character from the films you need to work that much harder to make your readers invested in her and their relationship. And at this point, I would be perfectly okay with her getting fatally hit by a falling boulder and Jack and James living slashily ever after. And that's coming from someone who's not at all a die-hard slasher.

One other issue I have is regarding Mare appearing to get them off the island. My immediate suspicion was that she was a plant by whoever was after Jack, because her arrival seemed just too convenient. While you explained later, to me it seemed out of character that neither Jack or James questioned her presence or suspected her of being involved, both having ahd their share of betrayals.

But these are minor quibbles. Overall I love your POTC work and plan to continue reading more!
5/13/2009 c13 51orpsgod
Such a wonderful ending to a wonderful tale. As always you did a marvelous job, and you were right, I am so glad to see James get a happy ending. Thank you for sharing and as always looking forward to your next! :)
5/11/2009 c11 9Traveler of Worlds
Wow, what a bombshell. Murphy is a lot more powerful than I had originally expected. This kind of reminds me of AWE, when Tia Dalma is revealed to be the goddess Calypso. I like the shocker factor, you really pulled off this chapter well, especially since the whole time traveler idea can easily become cliched. Bravo!
5/11/2009 c13 88Lasgalendil
That was adorable, and the best ending to the series you could have ever chosen. It's a new beginning, of sorts...with the potential for a whole lifetime of adventure and familiar bliss. It looks as though James and Mare have finally gotten their happy ending :)

I loved how protective Royal was of the new baby!
5/11/2009 c13 30Uldaren Bardaniel
Aw! Wow! *big HUGE grin* I loved this! *starts crying* I- sniff- I can't believe it's over! Waah! great job, me hearty!
5/10/2009 c12 88Lasgalendil
You have done so much with this piece-and I have to say that giving James (finally) his happy ending was a thoughtful, kind, and amazing thing to do. He really is a good man-perhaps the only in Pirates who is never truly rewarded. He regains his honor by saving Elizabeth...but never gets what it is he wants most: a chance to live life. Jack-we assume from AWE-becomes immortal, Will and Elizabeth stay true to each other and eventually die after a lifetime of love and friendship...but James seems shortchanged.

I also like Jack's twinge of jealousy. Perhaps this is a glimpse as to why he is so attracted to Elizabeth: he can't understand why Will (or anyone for that matter) would be willing to not only die for this woman but also to live the rest of his life in maritial fidelity to her, and never grow bored. The curiosity really must have been killing him! I don't know if you'd ever consider it, but it would be wonderful to see a fic where Jack eventually finds a woman as well. I think given your treatment of him as such a round character, and your marvelous OC of Mare, you would do a tale such as this true justice.

Again, I have to admire your treatment of James. Jack's assessment that James' ambition and folly in joining Beckett stem mostly from a desire to redeem himself...and in his haste and hope, he overlooked certain things. I think we can all find an ounce of respect now for his decision to employ with the EITC. James' concern over what joining the Getting readers to re-evaluate a past prejudice or assumption is quite commendable.

PS: ending with the song was simply inspired. I loved this! And I can't wait for the epilogue.
5/10/2009 c12 1O-Yossarian-O
What a great ending! I really loved the image of all of them singing as they disappear into the future!
5/10/2009 c12 50Jennifer Lynn Weston
Review from ladymouse2, w/ replies:

I do hope you give consideration to more than an epilogue because you've set up a marvelous universe with endless possibilities here-not least that you get away from the several knotty problems inherent in trying to sort out the canon universe and keep the fandom's momentum going. Love the description of the "net" and Jack's place in Capri sounds like heaven. It would be a wonderful base of operations for them to repair to between assignments. *grin* their very own 'bat cave". Hope they can keep it. Just one question I've been meaning to ask, is the "Weena" so named in tribute to H. G. Wells' "The Time Machine"?

Yes it is- congrats for catching that! It seems Mr. Murphy does have some sense of humor.
5/10/2009 c12 fizben08
A happy ending, and the possibility of future stories? What more could anyone ask. I really have enjoyed this story, will wait for the epilogue, thank you
5/9/2009 c12 51orpsgod
Very nicely done. I'm glad that James has found happiness, and sad that the story is coming to an end. You have done a marvelous job and I thank you for sharing. I also appreciate the weekly posts, I know how hard that can be sometimes when RL decides to rear its ugly head. Please do let us have another of your wonderful stories soon. :)
5/9/2009 c12 30Uldaren Bardaniel
WHEE! What a chapter! Our beloved Commodore has found LOOVVE! ;) Please post the sequel to the sequel soon! I am lovin' your writing here! :D
5/9/2009 c11 88Lasgalendil
I've really loved this story so far! Explaining Murphy's organization as Angels and all the other comparisons made me think of the works of Madeline L'Ingel. The dynamic you have created between Jack and Mare, James and Jack and even James and Mare are all credible and very strong. Jack is very discerning, and it's so good to see him looking out for both his friends' interests, bringing up marriage and children not to deter Mare but to let her know what might be coming...and to make sure she gives James a clear answer. You've really delved into James' hurt with Elizabeth's betrayal. Whereas I've always found this moment to be 'duh' or even comical, it did destroy his life. He threw himself into a career for consolation, and when that was gone, he lost the reason and will to live. It is good to be reminded that even stoic, seemingly emotionless people have their weaknesses, and their breaking points.

James' concern over the morality of potential missions was quite touching, and very much in character.
5/9/2009 c10 Lasgalendil
And, with proper provocation, Mare could curse as vividly as any pirate.

I love the subtle humor in that line!
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