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12/2/2010 c22 Jay-Jay and Dove-girl
A little disturbing.
12/2/2010 c1 Jay-Jay and Dove-girl
One question: why are you calling Jack Jonathan?
11/24/2009 c22 4Oceangoddess
Haha, Hector called Jack and overgrown chimpanzee! Yeah I have tons of school work too; my english teacher is crazy and is giving us three projects at once! Update when you can. Looking forward to the next chapter :D
11/24/2009 c22 majorbookluver
Hooray! you updated and made me very happy. I love the argument between Jack and Barbossa... My favorite part of the whole thing, was the "you will always remember this as the day you almost caught... Captain Jack Sparrow! Best part EVER!
11/4/2009 c21 7Patchworkcrows
I hate cherries, too. Can you just give me Link? ^-^

I love your twist on POTC. It's fucking brilliant. I've been reading this fanfic for an hour, now. You kept me awake. Thank you. The first thing I said when you revealed who Cut was going to turn out to be?

"Oh shit, fuck, he's going to turn into that prick!"

XD Aren't I nice?

I love your story, really good. Also, why DOES Johnny keep confetti in his pockets? Does he expect us fangirls to kidnap him and make him say happy birthday to us and our friends?

Maybe...just maybe...

Vaati: You're getting paranoid, Hytwilian.

Damn, you're right, Wind Boy. Well, I better end this before it gets random.

Vaati: You forgot something you were going to mention.

Ah, yeah, forgot. Thanks. About the Sparrow thing. I loved that. It reminded me of Sweeney. ^-^

"No, not Barker. That man is dead. It's Todd, now, Sweeney Todd. And he shall have his revenge."


Vaati: (Gives me the finger) That's for waking me up with you talking aloud while you typed this review.

-_-' You can be such a dick, Vaati. Urgh, I better go before he starts getting pissed at me. Can't wait for the next update. No, seriously, I can't. (Cocks gun at your head) Update it in ten minutes or I blow your brains out.

You: O_O"


10/21/2009 c21 4Oceangoddess
Aww, poor Ginnie! Why woln't Cut realize he's going after his own brother! And Teague! What happened to him! Looking forward to the next chapter :D
9/24/2009 c20 Oceangoddess
Maybe now Cutler will finally find out what he did to Jack. I hope so, I want to see his reaction! Looking forward to the next chapter :D
9/9/2009 c19 Oceangoddess
Poor Teague. Poor Jack. Poor Ginny. I FEEL BAD FOR ALL OF THEM! That line, "All his children were gone. Dead and gone." It made me feel so bad for everyone all of a sudden! I hope things get better for them soon. Can't wait for the next chapter :D
9/8/2009 c19 10SpoonfulOfArsenic
*gasp* A guy that looks like Johnny Depp, wearing a fedora, and being at an event that Johnny would like? Weird...

Anyways, I really loved the chapter! :)

“Are you comparing me to… a fried fish?”

“In a strange metaphorical sense…”

he he
8/21/2009 c18 69OnlyANorthernSong
Doing my part to get you closer to 50! Update soon, please! =)
8/15/2009 c18 10SpoonfulOfArsenic
Ah, yes. The evils of school are coming. Anyways, really great chapter! :D
8/15/2009 c18 4Oceangoddess
Ugh, Cut YOU BRANDED YOUR BROTHER! If only he knew... I'm glad Teague is going to let Ginny go. Yeah, I start school in two weeks. I can't believe I have to go back IN AUGUST! Update when you can :D
8/10/2009 c17 Oceangoddess
Wow, Jack hates rum. Didn't see that one coming! Poor Ginny, she has no idea that Jack is alive. So I'm guessing Cut didn't reconize Jack... Haha, I loved when he was talking about gaining the trust of a dolphin. Very Jack-like! Can't wait for the next chapter :D
8/10/2009 c17 13Rodnii
I like how you showed us what's going on with Ginny. It adds more element to the plot. :D

Plus, the last two lines of Jack's POV are incredibly interesting. How does he go from hating rum to being a junkie for it?
8/10/2009 c17 dog with they keys
good story so far, i reached the last chapter and was like 'that was 17 chapters? not 3? felt like 3. must have been 3. but it says 15. its wrong that was only 3 XD more pls

tip: maybe add more perspective
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