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8/2/2009 c16 10SpoonfulOfArsenic
Aw, poor Jack. :(
8/2/2009 c16 JackFan
This chapter was so awesome, please update really soon, and I hope you get your 6 reviews, cause I love this story, and longer chapters would be AMAZING!
8/2/2009 c16 13Rodnii
I say we have on accord!

And your story really kicks ass. I freakin' love the idea that Jack and Cut are brothers! But what happened to Ginny? ;P

Great internal dialogue, too. Keep it up!
8/2/2009 c16 4Oceangoddess
Poor Jack! Does Cut know that it's his brother. Maybe he'll find out after it's too late! Can't wait for the next chapter :D
7/22/2009 c15 81steelneena
finnally the creation of Jack SPARROW! beautiful and fun, hilarious the way he got his rep of telling long tales about himself, i lovew the lullabye!
7/18/2009 c15 4Oceangoddess
Jack is so clever! I love him. So now that he and his father are seperated how are they going to be reunited? Will Jack and Cut be reunited? And what happens go Ginny? Can't wait for the next chapter :D
7/16/2009 c15 Entranced by this story
This chapter was amazing! I can't wait until you update next- seriously! Please update soon!
7/16/2009 c15 10SpoonfulOfArsenic
Yay! Love this chapter! I think it's actually my favorite so far! Not sure why, it just is. lol
7/8/2009 c14 SpoonfulOfArsenic
Really great! Can't wait for the next chapter!
7/7/2009 c14 69OnlyANorthernSong
OMG! This story is so completely perfect- I've been looking for one like it forever, and I've finally found one! Thanks so much! I can't wait until you update. =D
7/7/2009 c14 4Oceangoddess
THANK YOU EVILQUAIL AND JOHNNY DEPP! Wow, it doesn't sound like Teague thought out everything. Unless the old people are like immortal or magical or something I don't see how they're going to win. Poor Jack... I wonder how Teague is going to become Keeper of the Code or even Pirate Lord of Madagascar with a crew like that. Can't wait for the next chapter :D
6/30/2009 c13 81steelneena
i read every chance i get and every time you update! Jack is good, Cut is less good but both are written well! Hope you understood that mate! keep it up and Happy B day!
6/30/2009 c13 4Oceangoddess
Your welcome, I love this story :D That's okay, we all have lives to live, I haven't updated my story in forever but that will change today...hopefuly. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! That's so weird I'm going to be 15 in less than two weeks! Wow, so Cutler is going to have to brand his own family. I wonder how that will go down. I loved the third paragraph. It was so poetic. Take your time on the next chapter, we understand :D
6/30/2009 c13 10SpoonfulOfArsenic
You haven't bored me to tears! lol Love it as always!
6/27/2009 c12 1Prussian Blue Tears
It's absolutely wonderful and beautiful(yes, beautiful). On eof my most favorite stories. So wonderfully written!
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