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6/25/2009 c12 majorbookluver
hehehe "ragtag bunch of lowlife's" interesting description... anyway, so short! need more! i especially liked Cut's part, very well written. anyway, UPDATE SOON! OR I WILL GET YOU!
6/18/2009 c12 10SpoonfulOfArsenic
Oh, I love this chapter! :)
6/17/2009 c12 4Oceangoddess
Don't worry about it, take as long as you need. Wow, Cutler is a very ambitious person. Can't wait for the next chapter :D
5/24/2009 c11 10SpoonfulOfArsenic
lol "He sighed as he took one more look towards the small graveyard in which his mother’s body (minus the head) had been buried."
5/24/2009 c11 4Oceangoddess
That's okay. Take as long as you need to update, it's better to have a good chapter done slowly than a crappy chapter done quickly. I wonder how Jack and Ginny will adjust to being pirates? And what has Beckett been up to? Can't wait for the next chapter :D
5/11/2009 c10 10SpoonfulOfArsenic
"Oh Jack it's so pretty!" lol Yeah, Jack looks so incredibly "pretty". :)
5/11/2009 c10 4Oceangoddess
Ooh, the origin of the infamous bandana! Lol, Jack was embarrassed about wearing a woman's shawl. Great job, can't wait for the next chapter :D
5/11/2009 c10 81steelneena
i loved it, and it was nice to get an update from something. I act like him too much as well, you're not alone. I've quoted him more than anyone else!
5/11/2009 c10 majorbookluver
Oh no! poor cut! Did Jack have to cut the shawl for it to work as a bandana? he he he... I can just see Jacks face... I can also guess that it was about as awkward as a cheesy turtle butt for him to be looking through girl's clothing... What did they decide to do with Ginny? Update NOW! I COMMAND THEE! GO FORTH AND UPDATE THIS INSTANT! pretty please?
5/5/2009 c9 majorbookluver
Oh no! Poor Cut! Poor Jack! Poor Ginny!BO TEAGUE! Teague made me ANGRY! Yay for Jack, i like how you made him join because he was saving his sister, not because he was just that low. UPDATE NOW! please?
5/5/2009 c9 4Oceangoddess
OMG! Please tell me that Ginny isn't going to become a prostitue! She's only seven! How can Teague even think that? I can't wait to find out what happens in the next chapter :D
4/28/2009 c8 10SpoonfulOfArsenic
Gosh, I haven't gotten to reading this lately! :( Anyway, really love it so far! It's really amazing that you actually looked up how to shrink heads! :)
4/28/2009 c8 4Rock-Nye
So, Teague has lost it. Mmkay.
4/28/2009 c8 2sereneflower
Wow, Edward Teague just seems to get more messed up every chapter. And you looked up how to shrink a head. Wow. They need money and they're going to pirates. Is this how Jack finds his dream job? Keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next installment.
4/28/2009 c8 majorbookluver
that was so good! Poor Cut! he's only 10 right? how does one go about joining a pirate ship? just come on and say, hey i want to join? anyway, i thought that the part with Jack and his dad was really well done, i can see that happening. Hehehe, what do you know of pirates? I love that line... update soon!
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