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12/1/2010 c3 Endless Requiem
ow I fell off my chiar while reading this great story.
11/30/2010 c6 Endless Requiem
Crap I just remembered I still have to fight sephiroth. Thanks for telling me how not to do it .
11/30/2010 c7 Endless Requiem
awsome set of stories. add more please
11/12/2009 c6 Guest
Ok if you really want to knoe something beating Sephiorth on KH2 is not at all as hard as one. (Still haven't beat him on one*sobs*) Anyways if you use Oblivion and not the Ultimate weapon you'll be fine (also as long as you have MP Hastega and a sort cut to reflect and a few dozen potions, ethers and elixers!). I used to own all five games that are out in the U.S. Step-mom accidently destroyed KHII! Anyways Yes I'm a girl and whoever said girls don't kick ass on video games will be in hell when I'm finished with them! Well goodbye (I don't know if ur a boy or girl) -_-
8/21/2009 c9 4TinaalovesMints
lol and that is how axel started to say

got it memorized?

after telling his name(:

it was good.

8/4/2009 c2 7BlueandRedButterflies
XD LOL, this chapter was so funny!

In a way, I'm like Sora (and you!) when it comes to reports. No, I've never plagerized a report, but I do tend to wait until a few days until it's due...haha...

You did a great job writing all the characters in this story! Very believable, and I loved how you included Roxas (even though it was just a little)!

Keep it up!

6/24/2009 c7 27Lyoko498
You are freakin' funny I loved chapter 9! and 5! Keep on writin'.
6/23/2009 c9 xXYomaKyuketsukiXx
Hey whats up? this chapter was a little out weird to read because i dont really read just axel fan fics. but it was good all the same. i don't blame axel for getting mad at whats her face. i probably would have done the same thing. and yes the name does suit her well. : )

6/23/2009 c8 3mattjesse
You do know that Riku and Sora would be in different classes since they're a year apart, right? Riku's little spray paint joke sounds like fun.
6/23/2009 c6 mattjesse
He's not as hard in the second one, and he's REALLY FUN! I have a file saved just so I could fight him. If you want to beat him in KH2, get Glide and lots of Elixers. Though I did watch this one guy fight him on Youtube and win; the guy was level freaking 37!
6/15/2009 c8 1shamchimp28
That was my favorite mishap so far! gotta feel bad for Sora though. i've been there, I woke up in math and found the teacher glaring at me and that everybody else had papers out that i did not recognize. oops now i'm rambling. anyway... GIVE ME MY VIRTUAL POPTART!
6/4/2009 c6 xXYomaKyuketsukiXx
i couldn't stop laughing after i read this.

did you ever keep that promise to your playstation? if you didn't it probably doesn't feel too loved.

by the way sephiroth is ALOT easier to beat in kh2. just get to level 99 with your strongest keyblade.

6/1/2009 c7 294yonders
i just love this qoute "Education is what you get from reading the instructions. Experience is what you get from not reading it." soo TRUE
5/29/2009 c8 It
friggin funny
5/29/2009 c4 Mushra
funny as hell
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