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for Wedding Bell Hell

5/10/2011 c18 2Yukimura Alissa

Soo realllyy good. But the idea of adding Shucgo Chara.. I'm thinking that. But it's really crazy but good, but Ikuto go to Rima and Shiki and Ikuto fighting for her, and Takara so jeaulos it's a good idea, it's a suggestion, and i'm a great fan of Shugo Chara. This chapter it's really good, but I have a question: Shiki is angry with Rima? I thinking Rima and Shiki are in love and they're happy. KEEP ON IT! C:
5/7/2011 c18 Yoshi
Yay I love this couple :D
5/5/2011 c5 xxXemokittycatsXxx
omfg that was amazing and hilarious espacilay the end and i also cant spell
5/5/2011 c18 2Zanaliay
Don't you DARE go without writing chapters for so long again. I will send my Rabid Plot Bunnies after you. :P

Oh no, what's gonna happen to Rima?
4/16/2011 c17 I.S.R.A.S.A.T.W
I love your ff especially the plot and sakura.she's so cute!kyaaa! anyway please update soon i can't wait any longer. RIMAxSHIKI 4ever!
4/15/2011 c17 Anonymous
Your story is good and all but you kind of have to update sooner.
4/11/2011 c17 Zanaliay
I'm an Aido fan (FAN not FANGIRL), but I didn't mind this chapter at all. When are you going to update? Its been so long...
2/3/2011 c17 chu-chan
Nice plot! please update soon! ^_^
1/29/2011 c17 2alwaysreading25
Ok I love ur ff. Thera so many parts where I'm sitting in my living room and read on my iPod then ur amazing funnyness come and I laugh so hard and. My parents look at me weird and some parts r so cute love ur plot ur a really good writer
1/28/2011 c1 rikka
u couldve called it hells wedding bells
1/28/2011 c17 too-lazy-to-write-my-name
By the way...Im ''Idontownafanfiction.netaccount'' I made this so I would be able to review inthe fics that were annonymus reviews.

Thanks for responding to my doubt! I was thinking that might have been it but since you never specified, well, I wanted to hear it from you! Keep em coming!
1/27/2011 c17 2Yukimura Alissa

I loved your CHAPTER, to me looks beautiful!. And Rima Chan and Konno Chan are the same person, is that when I was Rima Chan, I was anonymous comment, but now my name is Chan Konno and now I will comment with this name! haha. But seriously, I loved this CHAPTER, write more chapters and stories. Keep it up! and the story ends with something beautiful as a marriage or something, and complements the story with more characters of more anime or manga. The that you like! And so it will be better, but certainly Aidou loves Kaname , or Aidou wants as a good friend andlor admired for his leadership? Bye !
1/5/2011 c11 Yukimura Alissa
Very good! How beautiful this girl, but because his mother both Sakura hits that break the wrist that's too has reason to be so shy and the worst is that Shiki takara is related to his half-brother because it is misery. NO?

I loved to write more about Shima! And so on!
1/5/2011 c10 Yukimura Alissa
Hi, I feel great this chapter, and I hate that this odious Takara baka Rima tripped him. How dare you.

But hey at least it brings the story plot, and also Shiki was happy she was alive that is, it matters more than anything in the world, and also THE KISS!

Keep it up, and write more ...

ATT: Rima chan! 14
1/1/2011 c7 Rima chan
Very good your chapters!

I think that was an excellent idea Takara revenge for that stupid baka

he deserved a rest. Everyone falls ill to take away his love Rima

Shiki. That vengeance was very original and if I were in the place of Rima I

and the rage would have killed you would. I hope you keep making more

fanfic chapters. And one suggestion would be great if you meddle

characters from other animes to your next stories and try to change them if

want. To my opinion are very good these chapters I read. Follow

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