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for Wedding Bell Hell

8/10/2009 c10 5wolfy1324
lol that was a funny bonus chapter! Keep writing
7/28/2009 c14 Phoebe
Hahas(: Not tat corny :D But shiki was cute(: especially setting ppl on fire O: Thankks for th update :D
7/27/2009 c14 29Lacrimosa Cruentus Luna
Haha! Shiki is a litle slow sometimes, no? Kinda reminds me of the way Ichijou normally is...
7/27/2009 c14 shikixxrima
HAHAHAHA! THIS CHAPPIE IS TOTALLY FUNNY! VERY FUNNY! you know you almost got me ! about the swine flu thing...I WAS FREAKING WORRIED! but at least it was a false alarm...i can't believe shiki thought rima is an emo! and taking drugs! that one i will never accept! anyways loved the chappie pls update soon! i ♥ it!
7/26/2009 c14 Jun Kisho
this chap is really funny, with shiki being OOC and such... updating soon? reviewed~!
7/26/2009 c14 sangoyasha
While I was reading the chapter I was laughing.This was a funny chapter and what is wrong with Shiki.But anyway keep up the good work.
7/26/2009 c14 5x.OranGe.pUddiNg.x

get away, get away! XD Poor Shiki, he is probably gonna have a heartattack before Rima even sees the doctor.
7/26/2009 c14 3PurebloodPrincess97
Hehe... I loved it, and please update more. Yayz, Shiki and Rima are realizing their feelings for each other... Ponies and toaster, lolz. UPDATE! Please?
7/26/2009 c14 Apple Juice and Candy Floss
Yey! You updated!

It was corny but in a good way! XD

I liked it :)
7/19/2009 c13 PurebloodPrincess97
Wow, I lurvee this fic. It`s so perfect for the two, and I love how Sakura is now Shiki and Rima`s "daughter". Plz, plz, plz, plz update soon!
7/18/2009 c5 PurebloodPrincess97
I`m still rolling on the floor with laughter from that. Hilarious! Please write more fics when you`re high off of sugar. ^^

You friend PurebloodPrincess97
7/14/2009 c13 sangoyasha
I did not think it was corny I liked the chapter and I am so happy that Sakura got away from her mother.
7/14/2009 c5 sangoyasha
The ending was funny but it was also random having other characters from different movies in the chapter
7/14/2009 c2 sangoyasha
The part I enjoyed the most in the story was when they started dumping water balloons at Takara
7/9/2009 c13 4babyviolin
Omigod i love this story. please update, you are exactly like me, i love SHIMA! hehe i think i read all the fanfics about them. :)
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