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for Wedding Bell Hell

4/11/2009 c4 shikixxrima
i know you have planned somethimg right? you know the solutions for this situation, right, right, right ,right,?2/?

4/8/2009 c3 phoebe
Th story is VERY VERY nice(: Please update i lurv ur stories! =D when i sign in i will definately put it in my favourites(: LOVES
4/8/2009 c3 2hellopanda23
evil evil! i lost internet for a week and you had two chapters! but thank you for reading mine...anyway i hate that girl of course but it makes it interesting. jeez he really doesnt like her! ha ha ha i like the torture already! yeah i hope you update and yeah i like finding the light better too! the other one was a spur of the moment...wish i could promise updates...maybe if you update it will motivate me! ha ha ha thanks for the chapter yo!
4/7/2009 c3 shikixxrima
i am sorta worried of rima , well, because takara is her new roommate and she might do something to her!

the upper part was so evil and funny! that made takara jealous. haha!

update soon
4/6/2009 c3 29Lacrimosa Cruentus Luna
I would say that Takara should be dumped in a vat of acid after having an alligator chew on her head...but that's just me. Yay for updates and authors and boo for smart, evil, Shiki-stealing, OCs!
4/6/2009 c3 1GrandGrammaryeDisappearingAct
OMG! this is awesome! Takara's getting MAD!
4/5/2009 c2 8LaDolceVita8
ooh this seems like a good start

I can't believe Rima slapped Shiki LOL.

by the way what is "tetchy"?
4/4/2009 c2 29Lacrimosa Cruentus Luna
The true meaning of water ballons: making your best friend (who you don't know you are in love with)'s fiancees's life hell! Nice one with the end. I'm looking forward to the update!
4/4/2009 c1 Lacrimosa Cruentus Luna
RAWR! Die OC girl DIE!
4/4/2009 c2 shikixxrima
HA! that got her! but this story is an shikixrima right , right,right,RIGHT? IF IT IS THAT'S GOOD.GREAT WORK.GOOD JOB. KEEP IT UP!
4/4/2009 c1 Deletingaccount
This is a good start.

But much too short .

Please write more!
4/3/2009 c1 2hellopanda23
very melodramatic and way too short! what the heck like thats it! jk...yeah i am just going to wait anther chapter before asking something. but hee hee
4/3/2009 c1 claydoh123
this is pretty good
4/3/2009 c1 3Lolita-C
XD Good start! Update soon~
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