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2/14/2013 c1 2RavenClawRavensandSlytherins
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . . ok then. good story. up date soon. ok bye then.
1/30/2002 c5 alexpotter
Write more or I will find you and whack you with a big smelly fish!
1/30/2002 c1 alexpotter
Really short chapter, but great. I'll keep reading.
1/25/2002 c1 Sam
I read chapter five, clicked the 'BACK
1/21/2002 c5 1thaurisil
It was nice, but at the 'second harry potter' part, I felt as though I was harry, and I was jealous. Never mind, it's great anyway.
1/18/2002 c5 22ksha2222 aGoddess on her knees
Oh yeah!your friends good below message for...

Cyn James

1/18/2002 c3 ksha2222 aGoddess on her knees


Voldemort go bye-bye!

Knock out!and dudley is the winner*The crowd cheers*!

Voldemort,The Dark Lord,Tom Riddle and, the living pinuata0.o!

I wonder if candy would come out if he hit him harder^_^

Sorry I havent reviewed in a long time^_^; I'v been busy trying to fix up all my fanfictions and write four new chapters for four diffrent fanfictions I'v finshed half of two-_-

DAME WRITERS BLOCK!*Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

And some people have been getting on my nerves about my grammer and stuff. I trying my hardest to get it right*sniff*Belive it or not but half a year ago I hated writing no one liked it intill I found this site. I wrote and they liked I wrote more they loved but some bug me I'm not FREAKING PERFECT!

Sorry about that its not you^_^OK

But I'll tell you when I up-date

T.T.F.N. (Ta.Ta.For.Now.)

1/11/2002 c5 lasfie
WMPL! LMAO! I'm still rofl in this chapter! hehe... you gotta write more of chapters like this. next thing you'll know, Fudge would end up being Dudley's real father... only ending up having a heart attack 'cause of the most unfortunate conciquences he have to suffer later! lol...
1/10/2002 c5 VWS
Not bad at all!:)
1/10/2002 c5 3Jocelyn Magus
Thats SO funny! Lmao Thats great! Write more!
1/5/2002 c5 3Abigail Smith
LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL! This rocks! Will the nurse get fired, or will Fudge get that thing were you can't remember anything?
12/30/2001 c4 charles allison
horrible simply horrible
12/27/2001 c3 5Cyn James
Ugh, stupid, stupid review thing... *clears throat* Cyn James friend here (fab4tgl)...

more more more more more more!

add some Beatles and LOTR (Lord of the Ring) stuff, eh?

anyways, back to the story, i like:):):)

12/27/2001 c2 Cyn James
Thanks to fab4tgl for helping me write Chapter 5!
12/25/2001 c4 lasfie
ahhh... so Dudley is a wizard, the unexpected... MORE!
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