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11/8/2010 c12 2DraChihi
this story is so good i love it plz keep going u r so good

never stop wrighting
9/6/2010 c13 4xCarolinaxCountryxGirlx
awesome story hope u update soon good luck on ur exams
5/16/2010 c1 67486124684364568
I love this fan fiction :3

Also thank you for the two reviews :)
8/31/2009 c12 5YuugaoOne4
ILUV DIS STORY! its so cool! PLEASE keep writing to this story its funny,intresting,suspenseful,and i luv their clothes! oh if ur wondering how i like them u write really well which lets me create the scenes,people,clothes and etc.


also I might write somethin like dis but they'll be punk pop stars!

keep a look out! :]
8/5/2009 c12 86Pum Pumpkin Witch
this was really good and i love that all the girls are sister but i would to see some couples in the next chapters plus justing asking y does ino like purple and temari black because i thought temari like purple?
4/21/2009 c12 9iAtaraxia
very good now! please take your time.
4/21/2009 c12 gaarasakuralovers
you rushed it to much
4/12/2009 c10 xXx-PinkEgoBox-xXx
I Love Your Story...And Iam Awaiting The Next Chapert...With Suspence...*Wants Cookie*...^_^...Awsome Detail...Love Ino Lol...
4/12/2009 c10 iAtaraxia
Interesting. Wonder who's paired with who... :/
4/12/2009 c7 gaarasakuralovers
CYA stands for see you personal opinion,but you used it wrong.when gaara types well i got to go as well.cya tommorrow,it should have been well i got to go as well cy stands for see you...

just my opinion.

other whys,great chapter!
4/11/2009 c9 gaarasakuralovers
omg,i was so excited about this new chapter.i find nothing wrong about rushed it in a few places,but that's okay.i love it,and please update soon!
4/8/2009 c6 aaaayms
I like the story so keep going.

I like the song you wrote, but i don't like the profiles about their background.. they're all the same :o

I hope you understand my review, because i'm not really good in english..
4/7/2009 c5 MizzAKA
hm okay you gotta me! I want more! Please update soon!

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