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for If Everyone Cared

11/2/2013 c1 46Cris.P.C
This was wonderful, beautifully written. x) I loved it. :D Their love is perfection.
12/15/2012 c1 1Angelotti
One word: Wonderful *-*
Besides, I love Nickelback and all their songs. I like it.
Update soon
7/28/2009 c1 ChocolateBunnies15
i loved it and it was very very nice 3
7/27/2009 c1 13Mischievious Kiss27
I loved it! Especially when Carlisle is thinking about the fact that the world is huge, and he's just a small part of it.
6/15/2009 c1 Katiekate
aww how sweet!
4/5/2009 c1 9Miss. Bra
I love this song so much, it is just so moving. I really like the ending part, if they could love, like you and me, imagine what the world would be. Great writing, you are quite a skilled writer. Great idea.
4/4/2009 c1 2Bella503
i love it?

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