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for Darker Than Galvorn

7/12/2017 c2 21MistressOfImladris
This was so beautiful - I admit I cried a bit at the end. Thank you posting!
5/23/2017 c1 5Vivstar
Wow. Very powerful.
3/16/2017 c2 43Celridel
Once again, this was beautiful.
I love how you portrayed Maeglin and Idril!
2/9/2017 c2 5Nargothrond
*sigh* I wish this could be mad into a full-length story... Its so good. O.o

I've considered writing one about Maeglin myself, although I lack much of the knowledge of that particular Age required to write it properly. It would kind of be an AU, perhaps, in which Maeglin did *not*, in fact, sell out Gondolin to Morgoth, at least not willingly. Ehhh. That would be fun to write. Maybe sometime, you know *careless wave* Next millennia?
3/13/2010 c2 6Aislynn Crowdaughter
This is very powerful. I like that you show Eol's thoughts and point of view with empathy, here, too. And your characters and their emotions are drawn subtly and ring true.

This is a compelling fic. Thank you for writing and sharing!
2/14/2010 c1 8Ukitsu43
Wow! I always thought of Eöl as an irrevocable a-hole. But this story...nothing can ever excuse him for slaying Aredhel but it wasn't until reading this that I ever felt pity for him. Yes, in his own twisted way, the Lord Eöl did love her.


2/10/2010 c2 62Sauron Gorthaur
This is such an intriguing story in the book, and you really do some very difficult characters justice. I love the way you portrayed Maeglin with all the conflicting thoughts going on inside of him. No wonder he ended up the way he did!

I thought Aredhel's death scene was very well done, too. Often death scenes can get overly sentimental, but I think you did a great job with the despair of the scene for Maeglin. I also like that you brought in Aredhel's love for Eol, even as she's dying. It really shows how forgiving she is.

Fantastic ending, a real cliff hanger :) I don't know if you're planning on writing more, but if you do, I will certainly read it. Keep on writing!

-Sauron Gorthaur
2/5/2010 c2 31foreverkneeld
Ah, angst. But It was good, if a small bit out of canon...for did he not write that Idril was afraid, at least in a manner of speaking, of Maeglin? And his watching was oppressive to her?

I am not an expert by any means, and it was very well written.

Go with God,

2/4/2010 c2 Lady MSM
Hey, not bad! I like the new chapter. Your Idril's smart and stubborn...just like I always pictured her. I'm enjoying this! :)
2/3/2010 c2 Tindomerel
Wow... I don't think I breathed while I read that. Beautiful. Your Maeglin is absolutely fascinating. You have made him such a complete charater, and Idril's interaction with him is well written. Fantastic!

2/3/2010 c2 4RiverOtter1
Hello there! :)

This is quite an interesting idea on a story. There are very few stories about Eol, so it was both refreshing and captivating to find a story about him. He isn't personally one of my favourite characters, but looking into his mind was a really cool experience for me. :)

To start off, I have to say that your writing style is amazing. You always say that you aren't much of a writer in serious stories, but you seem to be horribly mistaken. :)

The pain, desire and rage that Eol felt was extremely vivid and captivating. I could clearly see and almost feel what he felt.

Beautiful, Ara. Beautiful.

As for critisism, I have to say that it is hard to find. The description is amazing, the spelling and grammar and perfectly spot on, there are no Mary Sues, canon isn't destroyed...

Really Ara, you're making my job as a reviewer very difficult. ;) If there was anything I would think about, it might be the last line in chapter one. Perhaps you could make the beginning present tense as well, so that the past is in past tense when he remembers, and then back to present tense when he is alone at the end again? Am I making sense?

Regardgless, I thouroughly enjoyed your story. It really makes you think, and I believe that is a truly amazing gift to have as an author.

Thank you for sharing this, Ara. :)

All the best,

2/2/2010 c1 Nightshade Scribe
Well, I rather liked this, although I still consider Eol am as you said, selfish a-hole. However, the last sentence is in severe danger of ruining the story: one must always be extremely careful when using solitary tears, and never, /never/ use them when trying to arouse pity. Nevertheless, well done.
1/31/2010 c2 8Princess Arimae
Lovely ending!

This is so sad...

I want more!
1/31/2010 c1 2We stand victorious
This is really rather good :) It captures the darkness of Eol's personality and makes you really feel for him when the woman he loves leaves him. Also, thanks for reviewing my story :)
9/23/2009 c1 62Sauron Gorthaur
Oh my, this certainly is depressing anc could merit a place alongside the Children of Hurin. It is very beautiful though, absolutely beautiful. It seems sadness and beauty go together very well when a skilled writer goes about weaving them. I give you full marks as a skilled writer.

I personally find that writing first person or almost first person, as you have done, is a challenge. You have really done it well. None of the characters are shallow, certainly not Eol. He isn't in the Silmarillion much, so it was very interesting to see what you've done with his character. It was fascinating to see how he goes from admiration to love to hate. I particularly liked this part of Eol's character development:

"Surely she had been able to see his deep love for her without having to use words, how he tried in every way to please her. He was tired of trying. His face suddenly twisted into a snarl of rage. He had given her everything and this was how the deceitful creature repaid him. A thousand curses on her and ten thousand on her treacherous son! No longer would he allow her spell to work on him. She bewitched all who were so unfortunate as to come into contact with her."

This passage just pours out rage. It's really good. Thank you for posting this on fan fiction. I loved it.

-Sauron Gorthaur
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