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for Harry Potter and the Gift of Magic

11/24/2010 c3 31monbade
good start. anymore coming?

10/29/2010 c3 10Darklight-phoenix
continue with this story please, it would be better if in future snape is portrayed as nice, and helps amelia, susan, and harry
9/18/2010 c3 1R2-Darth2
An interesting story, too bad it looks like you abandoned it.
6/23/2010 c3 sh777
This is definitely an interesting story. I do hope you return and update soon.
6/5/2010 c2 obscure24
please continue this
4/26/2010 c3 2bookaddict19
This is a very interesting plotline. I hope you'll continue when rl allows. :)
3/12/2010 c3 kewr69
Great story PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE continue it. And thank you for what you have so far written and hopefully will write in the very near future.
2/4/2010 c2 FluffyNevyn
Offended reviewer response

*Harry was raised in a Christian house (because thats whats normal)*

pardon me, but I take offense specifically at the word normal. I would not have been offended with the word common, or average...but normal? normal implies that anything else is abnormal and the connotations attached to the term abnomral automatically imply bad. I may not be a very religious person, but I was raised Jewish, and raised under the belief that tolerance and acceptance of others and their beliefs is gods will.

Good story, and Im going to keep reading. No I dont expect or even really want a response to this, just wanted to make my point =D
1/2/2010 c3 3Scabbers1957
Blody awsome story..I'll add it to my story favs & alerts.

12/19/2009 c3 kcl
A very interesting and intriguing start. I see where this is your first story on , I'm a little concerned that after the first three chapters in a month and a half, you haven't updated in seven months. I really hope that you'll be able to continue this story and I look forward to the next chapters. Thanks!
11/26/2009 c3 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Rather interesting story concept. Thanks for sharing!
11/7/2009 c3 alonsis 2
I like the idea of this but I have to point out a few things which both kill the story for me and kinda ruin it.

You have Susan's age as 6 (chapter 3 lists her as age 5 btw.) and since Harry and Susan are the same age, Harry is also 6.

Now I don't know about you, but I don't recall ever meeting a 6 year old who used words like 'honestly' and 'statement'.

In fact, Harry talks like a teenager does. Its a little off putting since he would lack the social development needed to really use those words in their proper context. Actually, the way Harry talks is the biggest issue I have with this. Read through it again yourself and keep in mind he is 6, has been regularly starved and beaten and lacks friends of any kind.

Then see if how he talks is natural.

9/10 for the idea behind this but 2/10 for end result.
10/27/2009 c3 The Wandering Soul of 1014
-Update this soon! I kind of like it!

Happy writing!
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