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8/31/2020 c1 7MollyMuffinHead
Thanks for the story. Damn, Ginny was nuts. There were grammar issues, but easy to ignore. Enjoyed the plot.
8/25/2020 c25 2geekysole
This is just.. weird and stress inducing to read.
7/9/2019 c35 1Z-gonite
7/1/2019 c30 Guest
Just so you know Remus' dads name was Lyall (which also means wolf.) Thus making Remus Werewolf Mcwerewolf the second. Moon Moon
1/19/2018 c35 HoneyBear84
Loved it
9/19/2017 c19 Guest
Karma's catching up with Molly, Arthur and their youngest two kids on Harry's behalf... *laughs at Molly's statement*

Hopefully Dumbles doesn't escape before he gets Kissed...
9/19/2017 c6 Guest
Sneakiest snakes wear lion clothing... lol... Harry's always been a Slytherin at heart, right?
4/17/2017 c1 1beep-beep0
Finally a story where Ron isn't the only fake friend! (though I do love those) Yay!You did something different
2/13/2017 c35 11Hellfire-Princess
Is McKenna of Scottish Gaelic or Irish Gaelic? My name is derived from a well-known Irish Gaelic and Archaic period word so I just had to ask.
7/14/2016 c35 joanne.hill.1466
Brilliant story
2/14/2016 c35 delete-account-please-7552363
I thoughts this was good to.
12/10/2015 c35 nightpurr1
Wonderful story.
I love to read your stories n they are skillfully done. Hold my interest, your plots are creative.
Keep up the good work.
11/30/2015 c30 Jewel Becky
Remus' dad's name was Lyall and another wolf-connected name. His mum was Hope Lupin. And Ted Tonks is Edward not Theodore like most guessed. Theo Notts is Theodore I believe.
5/25/2015 c35 3Stasia Ravenclaw
loved it

Stasia R. Ravenclaw
2/26/2015 c7 Guest
So arrogant, presumptuous and downright rude. They ignore the fact that a party was already planned at the Tonks' home, push him to agree to have it at the Burrow, then all of a sudden he's getting picked up a week BEFORE his birthday? They really are horrid people.
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