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for Of Demons and Cursed Springs

5/22/2014 c4 3Crensler
And another story I enjoyed reading that's not likely to get an update. Still I'm not exactly in any position to be pointing fingers, as I have yet to do the same for the stories I've started. At any rate, it was interesting while it lasted.
4/15/2014 c4 8The Keeper of Worlds
4/25/2013 c4 Guest
I like the story line and really love it if you updated new chapters. Just like you, i have watched ranma 1/2 and yyh, and i am veary familar with both ranmas and yusukes abilitys. Let me just say that being beaten by someone then coming back to beat them by finding holes in ones fighting style isn't at all impressing. Thats basiclly what any other martial artist would do in really life. Yusuke can counter the moko takabishya by fireing two spirit gun shots at once. You can see this when he fought chu. Yusuke can evade the chestnuts because he could againt heie on the shore before they got picked up by the boatmen to get to hangneck island. Yusuke by far has more stronger and dangerous foes than ranma does. Ranma has an dramatic idiot, directionaly challenged moron, a blind fool, a perverted freak, and weird voodoo guy. Yusuke has to fight. Demons such as rando, the leader of the four beasts, togouro, and senseui. In ranma people try to get stronger with spells, charms, and potions. While in yyh people actually do insanly harsh training. There is barely any blood in ranma1/2 while in yyh the techniqs are so powerful they wipe the victum completly out of existance. Don't forget that yusuke can home in on a target with the spirit gun so there is no way yo out run it. And please do not campare kurama to ranma. In the end, yusuke wins. I hope i got through to you, there are too many fool mindefld people who thinks ranma is the better of the two. Please make yusuke the victor at the end. It will only make the most sence.
4/20/2013 c4 Guest
Why are you people thinking that ranma is better than yusuke? Ranma fights people when he has a distinct advantage over them. Im not flaming, but i say that your entire veiw of yyh and ranma 1/2 are wrong. Ranma really cant be called a man. If he would have shown himself to his mom and told her about his cure knowing that he would have to commit suicide would have taken balls. Balls that he doesn't have at least when he gets splashed with cold water. In the manga ranma is constently getting pummeled even by people who are wraker than him. Yusuke onlly lost three times in tthe entire series and came back. And beat 2/3. Im sure that he would have beaten yomi the second time sine yusuke never loses twice.
2/16/2013 c4 Guest
Yusuke turns demon
2/16/2013 c3 Guest
Sorry about that. As I was saying yusuke could learn ranmas style like he did with sensui and win. Not only that yusuke only lost twice in the whole series but can back and beat one of them the other was beaten by yusukes fathers best friend. Ranma lost to almost everyone in his series at least once. I get where coming from. But ranmas. Arrogance. Would have him lose. Remember yusukes and heies first fight? Heir acted a lot like Ranma and what happens? Boom. Right in the back. Heie even said that the more dangerous. The situation gets the harder he fights and eventually win. To top it off yusuke can windel down ranmas confidence with that intimidating stare. Yusuke can even go throug enormous amounts of pain. Take a look at Ranma when fighting. Herb. Then take a look at yusuke when fighting tougro. Huge difference. Yusuke. On average deafeats demons tougher than most Ranma characters. Sensuie vs herb who would win? Sensui easily. Yusuke was never handed anything. There. Is a lot more blood in yuyuhakasho than Ranma12 the only reason why Ranma is so strong is that his creator favored him in every battle. Check the Ranma vs yusuke poll in orange park. The votes for yusuke outnumbered the votes for Ranma. Please let yusuke win next time. It makes so much more sense. I'm not flaming. Just pointing out the obvious.
2/16/2013 c3 Guest
actually you have it all wrong. yusuke wins regardless. Remember when yusuke invaded tuskans mansion? He fought a demon who claimed to be female but was actually. Male so ranma turning into a female should not have completely shocked yusuke confused yes. Shocked no. Not to mention when yusuke fought sensuie yusuke increased his fighting style to a higher point
4/5/2012 c1 Ranmaleopard
this is really awesome and interesting i cant wait to see what happens next please continue!
3/25/2012 c4 9Allee G
awesome story! i want ranma to beat the crap of yusuke so yusuke should know that ranma is the touchest guy around! srry i have nothing against yusuke its just tht im a ranma fangirl!
2/24/2012 c4 SeanHicks4
Cool story...cant think of anything helpful past you had a few spelling errors. hope you come to the story
1/29/2012 c4 jack face
the story was awesome! really! you totally empasized kuwabura and and his weakness for girls. I have a few ideas to add to your stoy, but I dont think it would be essential. but if they are please write them in for me. ok, 1. heie comes out of nowwear when ranma and yusuke have thre final showdown, calls ranma a weak ass when ranma makes a joke about his jagan eye. 2. ranma gets his ass handed to him when yusuke transforms into his demon form when ranma insults keiko. 3. karma takes royoga as his apprentice. 4. heie bargens with ranma: the water from the spring of the drowned man for the sowrd of malice. (gives the holder the ability to steal others strength and adds it to ther own with only a cut)
11/24/2011 c4 Eirdaru
Hm, I kinda see this happening. This deffinately illustrates Ranmas immaturity and rashness without going out of character. It's funny how the Ranmas characters seem the most unreal and the yuyu r down ta earth in comparison. Please update soon.
9/21/2011 c4 18Ranmawho1
Hn, this is a pretty good story so far, and I'd love to see it updated. I've always felt that Ranma/YYH would make a pretty good crossover.
5/7/2011 c4 47crazyfan15
oh... my... god! this story is sooooo gooood! you had the characters just right! i as laughing the whole time i was reading this. update soon!
8/8/2010 c4 Farfollow
Mrrrrrrrr! T.T;; DUDE. Your fic is amazing. It blends the two universes very well, I'm just surprised that Ranma didn't break out his Moko attack sooner! Rofl. I love it. Plan to follow it. Please update!

On a writer's constructive criticism note, hmmmmmm. You have a good writing style, decent detail but it could use more in my opinion. Then again...I'm a detail whore. =P Overall, I rate this a 9/10 so far!

Good idea too, on meshing the universes together. I just can't wait 'till you throw in Hiei. Or introduce Ranma to Koenma. Rolf. If he thought Yusuke was bad! Plus! Don't forget Granfather Happy!=D
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