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3/26/2010 c8 3midnight84118
great story

when i was reading this i was thinking it would be cool if she turned in to a wolf

keep up the good work
1/17/2010 c8 1vattenkanna
paul is soo cute! i love him! but what's up with him? did he not imprint? i kind of sounds like he imprinted, really hope he did...what's wrong with her heart? is she really dying or are the guys just being overprotective? how come sam and emily don't know?

i so hope you haven't abandoned this...really want to get some answers...
10/14/2009 c8 1Mukuwa.Renu.Koi
good story! update soon!
9/11/2009 c8 3Jacob.Paul.Lover.2009
hayy i love this story.

i see uve havent updated since... APRIL!

can u please update!

i reaalt want them to figure out he did imprint!

cos atm its killing me!

8/5/2009 c8 1Mirabitur
i like it. sorry gfor and mosspellings one of my hans anre numb and its dark. keep going.
5/14/2009 c4 Clara
okay...i was just wondering where the name of this story came from and stuff like that. i was also wondering if paul actually imprinted on her or not. im so confused...
4/20/2009 c8 2254 bb
Very,very,very good! I need to know how this ends!
4/17/2009 c8 2Fairy Skull
great story, and chapters keep the awesome work.! :o)
4/17/2009 c8 15Living Masquerade
I just found this story and already I love it. I want him to actually imprint on her so bad! But then again half of me is thinking that there is a catch or something that won't be revealed for a long time.Plus the fact that she's hiding her heart condition also adds to the mystery. Keep writing, I really enjoyed what I read so far.
4/15/2009 c8 TWISTED CHEERYS
I loved it! And When do we find out if he imprints on her or not? Or is he going to imprint on her baby, or something? whats her illness? I need to know...woman...man?
4/15/2009 c8 NikkiWolfLove09
I really like this chapter. It's cute how Paul is so worried about her. Update soon please!
4/14/2009 c8 3europ92
Another fun chapter :D

Seriously, Paul's acting like he's imprinted on her...when will Kayley tell him about her condition?

That's the real question. Then he'll REALLY freak out.

Update Soon!

4/13/2009 c7 europ92
This is a really cute story and deserves wayy more reviews.

I'm confused on how Paul and her are going to turn out-considering it's not quite an imprint. Does it possibly have to do with her condition?

Anyways, great job. Please update soon :D

4/12/2009 c7 NikkiWolfLove09
I like this chapter. I'm happy they got to know eachother a little better! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
this is so good. you are truly talented. keep up the good work!
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