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for It's OK to Cry

6/11/2012 c1 3StayGold4ever
I liked this! I'm not sure about the whole dates thing, it was either fall or winter when the book took place, because "a film of ice was developing on the outside of the fountian." if your dates are correct, that means that their parents died in January or February. But then, it said Pony had been 14 for a month, and 7 months after January/february is August/September. But according to S.E. Hinton, Pony's birthday is July 22. Who knows, this is hard to figure out! Haha ;) anyway, I loved your story, nice job! Stay Gold! ;)
7/23/2009 c1 rachelshoemaker
i think it was good, and i dont think they were out of character that much.
4/15/2009 c1 1Zoe Nightshade
Nice job figuring out the date of Johnny and Dally's deaths. I don't think that any of your characters were OOC, but I don't think that Johnny was buried. I mean, who had the money? Who would care? Not his mom and dad, sadly.
4/9/2009 c1 2LillyAnnSkigh
sweet how much do u plan on writing?
4/8/2009 c1 24DEACTIVEDUSER
Sniff! oop! Poor Pony! I feel so sad right now...great story!I don't think Ponyboy's OOC,he's fine the way he is... :)
4/7/2009 c1 2570's Lover
Hey! we really love your writing! Never have seen this here before though, is this new?
4/7/2009 c1 12ThatGreenElephant
Wow, that was actually pretty good. I think you got everyone's character down pretty well, and I liked it. But I agree with Nighttime Sky, Darry kinda of just disappeared in a puff of smoke. Great job, though!
4/7/2009 c1 x0allisonqt0x
That was really really good. I loved it!
4/7/2009 c1 7TheNightimeSky
Hiya! I don't think I've ever reviewed anything of yours. Hmm...

Well, I personally loved it. No, I don't think that Pony was OOC. Because in "The Outsiders" there are multiple times where Pony loses his temper, and just can't keep those angry feelings inside. I mean, we ALL know he's capable of being really, really pissed off. Remember when he yelled at Johnny? For NO apparent reason? He was just. . .there, and Ponyboy snapped at him - ten Two-bit shut him up. xD Johnny, who is the most seemingly vulnerable scared-looking "kid brother" of the gang got yelled at by Ponyboy, who has a reputation of being a quiet, sensitive guy. So he's no out of character for yelling at Two-bit. It can get annoying after a while. I know that when I'm trying to be serious with some people, and they think I'm kidding (because I usually am), I just want to throttle them and scream at them to GROW UP. I could understand how Pony was feeling with Two-bit, and I'm sure other people can too. Good job on that. :)

And so what? Pony was crying - he lost his best friend, something that he probably feels immensely guilty over, and he truly feels alone, because everyone is drifting apart now. When it comes down to it, and REALLY down to it, it doesn't matter who you are - if you're a underclassman or rich kid, a boy or a girl, kid or adult - losing someone you love hurts, and we all can connect in that way. Pony had every reason to cry, and to tell you the truth, he handled it pretty damn well.

I'm not sure, but I'm gonna assumed that the whole "Johnny" voice was just our dreamy, absent-minded narrator's "wild imagination" running off with him again, right? I kinda like that better than adding a supernatural element into the story - it shows that Ponyboy found the answers to everything in himself, and it's comforting to be at peace with yourself, and convincing that your dead loved ones are OK.

Also, I think you nailed Two-bit's character pretty dead-on, too. You started off with him handling sitautions like he always does - as goofy, loopy, funny Two-bit - because that's what he's best at. But in the end, you made sure that you realized he IS a greaser, and he *gets* all of these problems, he just chooses not to embrace them. But that doesn't make him dumb, or insensitive. It's just the only way he can deal with it - but that little piece at the end with Two-bit talking with Pony showed that he does have that deep side to him, it just takes a while to see. ;)

Johnny was wise. Very wise. But remember in the book (I don't have it with me right now. Bear with me if I'm wrong.), that Ponyboy was surprised because even though Johnny didn't SEEM smart, he got things better than Pony did, and "And I thought I was supposed to be the deep one" (wording might be wrong. Sorry.). So he was wise, but rightfully so. I always thought of Soda as the character that TRIES to understand everything - but "trying" and really understanding is completely different - that's the difference in Johnny and Sodapop. Johnny gets it, Soda just tries.


YOU DIDN'T MENTION DARRY! What happened to him? Did he blow up, crawl into a hole, or is he just. . .there? WELL!

OK. Tantrum over. xD

I'm glad you consulted the book - very few people actually do that, and that sounds about right. ;)

Sorry for the long review - there's no updates, and I have to write SOMETHING (lucky you, haha.)

Good job!


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