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for The Dark Side of the Moon

10/30/2009 c1 15Pasha Pasha
The writing style is beautiful, but...

I have no idea how you came up with the idea of Boba being a necrophile :O

Quite disturbing...
6/3/2009 c1 Mirkenza-H
oh wow...quite a good way (haha...bad wording on my part)! Boba was very in character, and your writing style is very good! It would make sense for poor Boba to be more than a little messed up after all that he's seen (his father's beheading, etc.). have me in a mood to read more Fett fics now...

4/7/2009 c1 69TheMacUnleashed
Very dark, and a bit disturbing, but... I liked it. The plot was original, and the story itself was very well-written. I also enjoyed the title, which I assume is an allusion to Pink Floyd- that's a great album.
4/7/2009 c1 34True Colours
Urg, he's sleeping with her when she's dead? That is disturbing, but very well-written.

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