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4/20/2011 c1 40Kagetora no Tsume

I hope you write more for these two! ^^
4/14/2009 c1 8Andy Wong Fey Hong
Sigh, somehow, despite Tiera's current state of, well, body, you managed to insert a sweet little ficlet between her and Milenna. I'm not quite sure if they ever showed affection to one another though despite seeing a number of Tiera+Milena fics around.

Very well done, don't worry if you haven't been to those places before. Even if somebody who has been to Japan notes that your directions are wrong, that's irrelevant, the importance is execution of the story. From the start of the story, kept me guessing what in the world was Tiera up to.

I salute you man. Great story. Hope to read more from you. Precious little credible Gundam 00 fics here, most of them are crappy gay pairings. Well, even if they were gay pairings, at least make the story good.


Andy Wong
4/10/2009 c1 2otakuheaven123123
truly a beautiful story, although im a great fan of TieriaXMileina, there isn't too many fanfics about them. good job and plz write more stories like this
4/8/2009 c1 1FlareKnight
This was a pretty nice read. A nice birthday present for Mileina. It keeps making me wish that Tieria would get his ass out of Veda already. Would have helped to make Mileina's birthday moment all the better. Still quite impressive of the guy to make use of the communications to lead her around to the perfect location. Can't blame her for losing track of her own birthday with all that has happened.

I enjoyed this one, nice work on it.
4/8/2009 c1 2Seravee
This is really great! Again, you made an incredible MileinaxTieria fic! It was just so sweet. Too sweet, actually. And no, I don't know about Mileina's birthday. Sorry. If I do know, I make sure that you're the first to know. :D

Anyway, I like this story! The part when Mileina went towards to the place where they could see the sunrise was really interesting! I couldn't stop smiling, actually!

Sigh, it's a pity that Tieria became Veda now which saddens me a bit, ya know? If he didn't end up into part of Veda (or became Veda) he might be with Mileina!

Oh well.

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