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for The Truth is Unspoken

11/13/2013 c5 15SilverGhostKitsune
i look forward to reading more!
6/19/2010 c4 ashley
"manikin" is spelled mannequin.

you did mean the fake people that they put clothes on right?

if so, it's spelled mannequin.
12/21/2009 c5 15Eternal Eyes
Intrigued to see where this will progress to. =)
12/4/2009 c5 28LucretiaDecoy
No, there's no more!

Sneaky Kurama knows all - actually, he always does, that's part of what makes him Kurama, but it's also always slightly scary, poor Botan!

I do love, love this type of fic (and it's very, very difficult to find, I only have one other example in my favourites) so please, please continue. And I'll stop using words twice in a row... row...

Anyway! Back on topic! I do love this so, and I hope you continue updating, I've got this on alert so that I will know (can stalk) when a new chapter is up.

I have a theory about why Botan is a bit bigger than usual, but I don't want to say just yet, I'd rather keep guessing and be nicely surprised when you post more - which you must do soon!
12/4/2009 c4 LucretiaDecoy
I really enjoyed this chapter - girls together! I thought Keiko's reaction of taking Botan out shopping was appropriate, because she's very kind and always thinking of others like that, and I like to see fics that show these two are good friends, because I think some people miss that.

I laughed out loud at the bit about the horrible coloured shirt dress and I had to stop for a minute to recover after Botan thinking that the mannequins were "misleading b1tches". I hate mannequins too, Botan! No woman has arms and legs that long and skinny! Also, I always, always mistake them for real people and end up talking to them (which was okay when I was a kid, but it's quite embarrassing now that I'm fully grown.)

I had a squeeing-hand-over-the-mouth moment when Keiko asked if Hiei was... good! I was surprised at her asking, but girls together, we would be curious, especially with an elusive guy like Hiei! I could almost feel the heat of Botan's blushing, and I was picturing her trying to sink down in her seat in embarrassment.

I'm still listening to that song. I think I forgot to say, it's "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You" by Heart. Old song, but awesome all-girl rock band.
12/4/2009 c3 LucretiaDecoy
I loved Botan's thought "what was the colour for nervous?" I really felt for her in that moment. And I loved the way she just blurted out her news while Keiko was still mid-sentence - I know that feeling, when you've been hiding a secret, and you see a sympathetic face and you just blurt it out, scared what they will think but also relieved to share the secret.

This story reminds me a little (not exactly) of one of my favourite songs actually - and I put it on while I was reading. The lines "don't try to find me, please don't you dare, just live in my memory, you'll always be there" and "then it happened one day, we came round the same way, you can imagine his surprise - when he saw his own eyes, I said please, please understand". That song always moves me, the thought of the guy meeting a former fling and seeing her holding a child that is undeniably his is something I love (don't know why) and that's the sort of feeling I get from this fic.

PS sorry for the spaced out reviews (and I mean spaced out in time, not that I'm spaced out, LOL), it's my day off and I'm reading chapters in between working around the house. I do intend to read all of this and review every chapter.
12/4/2009 c2 LucretiaDecoy
Still reading! I liked the way you handled the transition between ongoing story and Botan's reflections on the others and their lives, it flowed very nicely. And kudos for understanding that women are actually more tired and hormonal during the first half of pregnancy!

Actually, secretly, my favourite type of story is where the couple have a fling, the guy disappears and the girl later finds out she is pregnant, but she hides it from the guy - so I am glad to have found this story.
12/3/2009 c1 LucretiaDecoy
I love it so far! You really captured Botan's reflective, sombre mood perfectly. Again, you use some beautiful descriptive language, it really draws me in. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this!
11/2/2009 c5 14MinakoTrickster
No, it's not boring. The calm before the storm adds to the anticipation. You finished a chapter when I am having the damndest time of my life getting mine done.

I want to know what the guys are going to ask? What's Kuwabara's thoughts and what Kurama is going to say?

Keep it up!
10/29/2009 c5 Twisted Musalih
I love it! It's really good. And I cant wait for the next update!
10/29/2009 c5 9Lady Paine
its ok i cant wait for the next chapter. this is a good story so please dont take to long to update. lol. jk take your time. i understand. and i guess i can forgive you for the long delay and short chap. lol. ;)
10/20/2009 c4 5snowy-ray08
please upload the next chapter. omg i still can't believe botan's pregnant

i wonder when hiei will appear and i really want to know why hiei and botan did 'it'?
8/18/2009 c4 7Green Sea Blossom
PLEASE UPDATE! I want to see Hiei!
8/14/2009 c4 4Kioji
Very enjoyable! Dark-as it should be-and mysterious. I can't wait for Hiei to show up someday-but I like the thought of Botan on her own, getting stronger as a woman and a person.
8/11/2009 c4 123RaChEl456
This is a really interesting idea! And beautifully written :) thanks! PLease continue? :)

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