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for Always and Forever

10/21/2017 c2 EmilyMyers
7/6/2016 c18 6RachelBarbraBerry1994
On to the second story!
7/3/2016 c1 RachelBarbraBerry1994
Okay so, what's wrong with Erik?
5/21/2016 c18 2Lucyole
That was a very Beautiful, sweet, Romantik, a Little Bit dramatic too with all the sicknesses around but they got netter and He will hope full live a long life. Really a great Story.
6/16/2015 c17 aleia
The way you have taken one of my phavorite Eriks and made him into a new character by using the old one is truly amazing! You have created a side to him that I simply couldn't of made. Yeah I'd thought of something likewise but I Beveridge been able to put it into words as well as u have my friend.
6/16/2015 c15 aleia
Yeah I figured u had done that. I made the mistake and found the sequel before reading this one so it was kinda confusing on some levels. But overall I think it is amazing and am quite devastated that this story is soon to be closing, allowing another to come, fill its audience, and steal the show.
6/16/2015 c11 Aleia
HOW CAN YOU ADORE THE 2004 MOVIE?! IT WAS HORRIBLE AND THEY BASICLY RUINED IT! Have you seen the musical? It is SOOOOOOO much better than the movie. The 25 anniversary is amazing and parts of the original are too. Also some of the others are as well but I haven't seen them in a while so they have slipped my mind. I have always been more fond of the musicals rather than their movie versions though I admit I have watched it a few times, trying to convince myself that it was good. But that was hard and I could never truthfully do it. Also the original London cast of Love Never Dies are great as well. RAMIN KARIMLOO AND SIERRA BOGGESS ALL THA WAY!
6/16/2015 c7 aleia
He swore it would always just be the two of them together always. But what of the baby? Unless...
But you wouldn't do that,I hope. I have put my trust in you. Don't fail me.

3/26/2015 c1 Guest
Yes very good story as it should of ended
3/28/2014 c18 Guest
What a beautiful story!
6/9/2013 c18 paula
a really good read. stayed up entire damn night to finish. bring on the wequel.
1/21/2012 c1 oopjeoiwj0
Poor Erik... This is a very good story!
7/14/2011 c7 Missawesome1213
Okay, this story is great so far. I was going to review when I finished it, but that was seriously one of the best fanfiction lines ever "a willing christine was really a protesting Nadir". I just about died.
6/22/2011 c2 LadyCavalier
OH I lovethisilovethisilovethis!
5/7/2011 c18 E.Cullen1901
its over:'( NOOO i want more! it was amazing, i loved every chapter sooooo much and i love the erik in this story because hes so sweet and gentle but still angery and protective when need be. beautiful job!
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