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for Mushroom Hallucination

2/19/2014 c1 Izzybella12
You were right! No offense but thus is kinda weird and pointless! Yay! Cookie for weirdness! Embrace the weird!
3/29/2013 c1 Guest
Hey. That was … hmmmm how can I explain it,
Wierd, crazy, what the heck. Those all sound pretty good!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I wish more people would write hallucination/Percy goes crazy stories. LOVE IT keep it coming
4/5/2011 c1 4Tahnorra
You just love crack, don't you? Lol. This was really funny. Oddly enough, I wrote a crackfic that ended in Perlia.
10/18/2010 c1 IhatePercabeth567
how funny! write more
7/28/2010 c1 1Neon.Green.Girl

this made me laugh

if you are going to update: update
6/28/2010 c1 Anonymous
Dude/t that sucked. It was super hard to follow and you didn't give much detail. You aren't very good at writing stories because you don't include much detail, there is no story line and wow that sucked.
5/2/2010 c1 Draconeedslovingtoo
odd but i liked it
2/28/2010 c1 xXAlleyXCatXx
that was...odd
4/11/2009 c1 17Aish Sheva
...I won't flame because I LOLed at a few parts and because I'm curious to see where this is going. However, you spelled Zeus "Zues" at one part. You might want to fix that. Overall, a little on the short side, and it could have used some more work re: spelling, grammar, etcetera, but it's not horrible.
4/10/2009 c1 BookWormBandGeek
haa. Wow. Someone was a little high... Love it(:

4/9/2009 c1 Cheri de Poisson Impressionnan
XD Shrooms?

Hmph. I'll post mine up soon too. :3
4/9/2009 c1 109Peridot Tears
Mushrooms? XD

4/9/2009 c1 11Xangelic-demonicX
I'm sorry...I really didn't get this...

I kind of missed the whole monologue thing, and this doesn't really make sense to me right now, no offense.
4/9/2009 c1 Nicco1395
That was one of the stupidest things I've ever read. congrats... PERCABETH! NOT PALIA! :P

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