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2/24/2010 c1 26ShadowsOfPenAndPaper
okay the story was pretty decent. personaly in my taste i didnt like it, because its doesent fit my writing taste and style. but above all it was good. I made my frnds read it *and yes they r sasunaru(yaoi) fangirls just like me,only we dont go all kyaa kyaa at the sexy gay men unless their all like OMG emoness kinda thing. Ya soo we dont get all "omg he looked at me-and the sut up bitch before u die kinda thing*stares at fangirls with a look that could kill*(it very well could happen)"-ahem im getting off topic-* but ya overall it was a good story.What really gave me the crack up was the little chit-chat at the end with orochimaru. And yes michael jackson is a perverted child-molester but his songs are still kick-ass good. And yes i say words im not supposed to know and much less say it either, eh but what can they do? ban us from reading fanfiction? -AH NO not my fanfiction accountNO!- i should make that into a story *mummbles 2 oneself*
6/13/2009 c1 1DarklyLight
Hyia! I saw your reviews on my story, so I came to read this one of yours.

I like it. A little short, but sweet, and to the point.

4/18/2009 c1 8xXxUchiha DaisyxXx

It wasn't rushed...

I really liked it!

You could probably make a whole story to this thing...


4/9/2009 c1 xInseparablex
OMG! RUKIO-CHAN! I love it. SasuNaru is by far the cutest Naruto pairing...too bad Sakura doesn't die like we want her too..but we could always use your chainsaw...

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