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for A Special Dinner

3/21/2013 c1 8Grey Wolf4
This was a very amusing romance fic with the Allelujah/Soma pairing one of my favorites in Gundam 00.
3/20/2011 c1 5ArtOFAnime
What a PERFECT, cute fanfic! You kept them both in character, and you did a great job at setting the scene, and giving the little hints. Well done!
2/21/2011 c1 14popculturerebel
A truly romantic dinner... Allelujah and Marie forever
3/22/2010 c1 DD
Man that was awesome but a europhia dinner to set the stage that was well thought of. So good job man good job
11/18/2009 c1 40Jack C. Trade IV
They're Aphrodisiacs, used to boost libido. Wow. He didn't put anything IN the food, It WAS the food. Genus! Nice.
4/18/2009 c1 8AdventWing
Love this! Amazingly descriptive without making me feel like I'm trekking through a swamp. Allelujah is great at setting the mood, but so are you, I was really drawn into this simple dinner, word by word. I love it when a writer takes a simple theme and runs with it. You are now faved, subscribed-to and recc'd XD
4/10/2009 c1 The Nexus of the Universe
Ah ha Allelujah, you sly mo-fo! :D Never thought he had it in him. Great story, I like the complete lack of improper grammer too, nice job overall.

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