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5/31/2019 c1 6DanteLoyal
Wow, a decade later and this is still one of the best Shadow Yu one shots I've read. At first I thought the thing of Izanagi calling Yu an empty doll would have something to do with the player, using him as a vessel to experience the world through, but the way this ended up going it just as- if not better- than what I thought.
12/22/2015 c1 1finethoughts
Dude or girl, I am barley reading at the end of 2015 and I absolutely love this. I was so dissapointed at the lack of a shadow for the protagonist, you should've been on the development team when they were designing the final battle; I have no idea what you're doing with your life right now but I hope you still write. You have also given me inspiration for my own writing; thank you for this, it was like a public service!
6/29/2014 c1 23ClearlyOriginal
The Fanfic is really awesome! I really like your interpretation of Yu's Shadow, it was definitely deep to be honest.
Also, sweet Yu and Rise. Thank you for that as well.
1/16/2014 c1 Elia950
This is one of the best persona fanfiction i've read! :D GG!
9/19/2012 c1 Jozern
Pure awesome.
11/5/2011 c1 23Ambivalencia
It's the best SMT one that I've seen this far. It's the same for me too, I've been wondering on why Shadow!Souji (or I think that's much better to say that it's Shadow!Protagonists) didn't appear in the game. For some reasons I wondered on it when I ventured the game. But you gave me a rough idea about how will it come. (if ATLUS does want to add it in P4: The Golden D:)

So .. Have an idea about continuing this to a series? It'll be fun to see this 'World' social links grow C:
3/7/2011 c1 6I AM YOU
this is probably no definitely the most epic persona 4 one-shot that I have ever read, it makes me wish that this was the true ending in the game.

anyway, good job on this story, I give it a perfect score, this really made my day
4/7/2010 c1 27Shade the Raven

Just how I pictured the fateful encounter if Souji were ever forced to face his 'other self'. And the sweet little bit with Rise was a good note as well
9/26/2009 c1 CalicoVall
Great One-Shot! ^^

I really loved how you brought it to life in front of me and how you made it feel...well, real.*_*

Overall, it was an exellent read. You've made me want something like this in Persona 4:FES if something like that would come out. It would be awsome! ^^

I can't think of anything you could have improved on. You even brought up stuff I had forgotten while I played. So, keep it up! Hope you do a cross-over fic! ^^ Good luck! ^^
8/13/2009 c1 4KRP
Heh, that was a nice way to round things off. But...what 'truth' is still left to be understood? And there's really only one persona of the World Arcana anyways...heh, I half expected her to become one of his persona really...:P

well, thats all

8/4/2009 c1 Just Another Reader
Beautiful story. You made my day.
8/3/2009 c1 10Vegeta the 3rd
This is a great story. The fight with the shadow Izanagi was great (right down to the critical hit+kick used as a finisher.

I kinda liked all the points Izanagi made, how his 'fake self' hid behind a mask and just acted uncaring to everyone around him. He did show some emotions on the lighter school events (even though they all blew up in his face) but its good to see he remembered how he felt during those times.

The side romance with Rise was cute and funny, how he imagined himself jumping in her stage and being dragged out by security. Ah, the classic idol love...

The (Iza)Nami link was pretty cool too. How it ended with the words made when forming a new social link was genius, like a bit of a teaser to a new story or beginning. I wholeheartedly enjoyed the whole thing.

-Vegeta the 3rd
7/22/2009 c1 Dark omega z
Such a awsome fanfic. It was a shame that you couldn't go against your own shadow in the game...why isn't the ending to this the ending to the 'true ending' for the game...WHY DAMNIT WHY!
4/28/2009 c1 5FarSide0013
Very cool story. I like your ideas for what ShadowSouji would be like, and the ways in which he could be defeated. Though honestly, I think the ending with Izanami is the best. Such a promising tease for something possibly bigger. Not sure if you're planning to continue it, but you're certainly a strong enough writer that you could pull it off.
4/17/2009 c1 6Aj Alpha
That was a great story...very well done...right down to the twist at the end, overall good characterizations of the entire P4 cast, I would have enjoyed the true ending of the game if it included this...5 stars!
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