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for The Amazing Adventures of Donna, Joker, and Batman

12/23/2012 c13 1Lilith Makara
12/22/2012 c8 Lilith Makara
11/13/2011 c13 2KatieLovesPeterPan
This story is so funny! You should update! I know you haven't since 2009 but it would be really amazing if you updated after all this time *hopeful grin* PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU! THIS STORY IS TOO HILARIOUS NOT TO CONTINUE!
6/26/2010 c11 4ollies out
Ahahaha...reading this again, and it still makes me laugh every time someone mentions Mr. Po Po. xDDD

Most. Excellent. :D

((Also, you still alive, chica?))
12/30/2009 c13 nicole napier
awsome always...haha sometimes i think Mr. Poo Poo is a cow haha oh and sometimes i confuse crane w/ lau haha im a dork they ar nothing alike haha..cant wait 4 the next chap to read more jokery goodness haha *wink wink* see u then!
12/30/2009 c12 nicole napier
yay the two hottest members of the team ar together meaning joker and gambit haha awsome awsome storie luv it...
12/30/2009 c7 nicole napier
haha i was thinking (OMG really!) haha that maybe they should go to the Loch. Ness and meet lassie..wait is it nessie?... idk anyways super awsome friking story...its hylarious and harvey w/ his underwear even more u ar so good! and haha oh look a distraction!..gotta go ttyl PS.. luv all ur stories!
11/7/2009 c8 5ejkQMaO8921635
The Fabulous Restaurant of Awesomeness ©?

Wow. I can not believe I am just now reading

the rest of your postings on this fic. It is

so funny! Please tell me you've got more

planned for it soon!
8/18/2009 c13 4ollies out

I can't breathe. xD

Whee, piggy-back ride on Mr. Po Po! *breaks out cowboy hat* Yaah!
8/16/2009 c13 14The Mutant Jinx
Wow. Too bad J only said something once. Oh, well.

8/16/2009 c13 24Angel's Star
Hahaha! Funny yet again! I loved the scene from the original script. Especially with Crane wanting to save the whales and riding on Mr. Po Po. Anywho, great job! Keep it up and update soon!
8/14/2009 c13 4riot3672
haha as usual, a funny chapter

Superman: well, he does get on my nerves..

oh crane and his whale abuse

update soon :]
8/14/2009 c13 3MacAttack5
OMG! LOVING IT! The last chapter with Canada was AWESOME! I want them to go back cause Canada rocks!

Also, almost peed my pants in the deleted scene

Superman: HEY BRUCY!

Bruce: Hey...Clark.

ROFL! All of that was absolutly hilarious. Maybe some Justice League later? Again, I loved it and I can NOT wait for more!
8/4/2009 c8 7Dr. Doodle
YEY Mr. Po Po! :D

This chapter was hilarious, definately my favourite! :P
8/4/2009 c7 Dr. Doodle
Harvey's possibly my favourite in these, he's by far the funniest with his underwear and little cricket moments :P
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