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for Family Portrait

6/20/2013 c1 kitkat2234
hey love that song, brings back memories for me. my sis and I it was our "survival" song when ever me her and my mom all left my dad. but I liked the story it was good
11/5/2009 c1 15Suicide In A Bottle
It would be so horrible if Tamaki and Kyoya broke up! DX Ahh, my heart hurts just thinking about.
7/12/2009 c1 21Nina Vale
it was a bit KyouyaxTamaki(i don't like yaoi) but dispite that it was great! I cried so hard! I add it to my favs
7/2/2009 c1 28Chibi-Chanx
Great minds think alike huh? I was just about to write a story llie this for Ouran hgih school host club to, and from that vid I got my inspiration ^^ yours is way better then mind sounded in my head! Great job!
4/27/2009 c1 8lilypop8
That was really sad! T-T

...I LOVE IT! It was well written and i love the song Family Portrait by Pink! Awesome job!
4/11/2009 c1 97BondSlave
aww that is kind of sad.

This was written well though. I like it.

AND I'M THE FIRST TO REVIEW! (or at least I was last time i checked)

*shifty eyes*

^_^ i'll have to check out the video.

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