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for Happy Easter

3/19/2011 c1 2wrestlingfan29
cute story! I loved it
10/7/2009 c1 15freak with a pen
that was a good one dude, i'm gonna have to steal that idea one day. defintly gonna favorite
5/29/2009 c1 9XoJonasLoveroX
that was really cute! Nice Job!:)
4/30/2009 c1 gothicluver13
good story. i so saw that happening as soon as George said he was in the garden. but that was such a cute and different proposal! i want a guy to come up with something like that when he proposes to me.
4/14/2009 c1 56WhenLighteningStrikes
Man! If he's on sale, I'm *totally* willing to fork out the 200$! :) Isn't is SO like Derek to first totally make Casey mad and then sort-of-not-really apologize in a way that's totally irresistable!
4/12/2009 c1 itsi3
I like it!

Very cute!

Happy Easter!

4/12/2009 c1 1DisforDasey
Aw, that was so sweet! Aww! And Marti in the bunny costume just made it all the more wonderful. Great job!
4/12/2009 c1 ano
aw, it was so cute. good job . :D
4/12/2009 c1 lilly
i liked this, it's sweet and cute.

good idea!
4/12/2009 c1 1princetongirl
loved it update soon
4/12/2009 c1 10Cherish Me
AWW cute
4/12/2009 c1 Leaf26
Nice story and wonderful work!

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