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6/14/2013 c11 Diana Campos21500
Interesting chapter it's a little different from the rest but in all I still loved it
6/7/2013 c10 4Daniella TT

This was adorable! Jade so freaked him out! Totally counterintuitive, I love it! Well it could be creepy since it resembles the whole Cheshire thing and since she is kinda his enemy lover, it made sense to me.

Stay writing you amazing beautiful butterfly. 3 :)
6/7/2013 c9 Daniella TT
"Because of his hair, not because I have some freaky radar that sends goosebumps up my arms when he's around or anything.

That'd be weird." Totally killed me XD

Realized I'd skipped this chapter, I will forever be ashamed of this :( please forgive this awful child.

But I LOVED IT! Especially because of their banter, too cute!

So I didn't even vote, since I'm a jerk. But I'd say go with your gut and rewrite. THANK YOU FOR THE ROY/JADE BONUS!

All you have to ever do is write. It takes so much courage to write and post. And every bit makes you better and stronger. Don't give up on what makes you happy, because if you're happy, others get happy too. Love you!
6/2/2013 c10 RoBiNiSmYbOo
OMIGOD! I had no idea that you haven't updated in over 4 years! But I am so happy that you did! Fabulous job sugar!
6/2/2013 c10 1Magicchalkdust
I like this story
6/1/2013 c4 RoBiNiSmYbOo
OMIGOD! The part were Richard calls out to Alfred saying that he's dying is SOOOOO SUPER FUNNY! Keep up the fabulous job sugar!
6/1/2013 c8 10Yuri Hannah
Just love the GarRachel love 3 They're always so entertaining.
5/31/2013 c10 Diana Campos21500
I liked part one so far and I love how you gave us exact dates on when your going to update
5/29/2013 c9 14gelatofornicodiangelo
You darling, darling girl. Everything will be alright, okay? All of us are here. Just look at our tiny DPs to know that you're not alone. Just keep swimming!

Okay, review time. :D

I honestly think that you should try rewriting this. You're capable of more, you know? This is a great story and I bet it'll be even better if you do consider rewriting it.

I just reread this today. Did you know that this was the first story I read here in ? Now, don't get me wrong. This fic is AWESOME. AWESOME. AWESOME. AWESOME. LEMME LOVE YOU WALLY! AWESOME. But some parts don't make sense.

I'm looking forward to the improvement of this story of yours. That is, if you do consider rewriting it. YOU ARE A GREAT WRITER. :3


Remember, love, no one is perfect. If you were, then, you probably aren't human.

*Random Roy appears*

"Were you abducted by aliens?!"

*Slaps Roy*

No one wants to hear your opinion, boy.

Anyway, I'm here if you need someone to talk to. Don't hesitate to PM me. Seriously, don't. ;)
5/27/2013 c9 Koriand'r
Luv this story UPDATE
5/26/2013 c9 Lena Skye
I totally love this story! It's sooooo cute! :D
5/26/2013 c9 kimminightwing
OMG... Cutest story I've ever read! (:
UPDATE. But if you do a new story it would be great as well.. Its supper hard..
5/26/2013 c9 tradingtruthsforlies
This was cute, I liked it! I'd definitely you rather update this story instead of rewriting it, but I'd be happy with either :)
5/26/2013 c9 rica
5/25/2013 c9 5Robstarforever2017
UPDATE! This is amazing
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