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5/25/2013 c9 23Star of Airdrie
Whatever you need to do to write. Not that I am one to talk, taking a hiatus myself but not of my own design (health issues ... life ... grrr) But don't lose faith in yourself or your craft. I like to think that my unhappiness in my own work is that I am on the brink of a breakthrough to do better. Good luck, feel free to PM.

5/25/2013 c9 Diana Campos21500
I love this story and I would rather you update it because this story is perfect just the way it is
2/26/2013 c8 Diana Campos21500
I love this story it's really good you should continue
11/24/2012 c2 5Melody Taylor Ann
Everybody is in character and I love it. No offense, but robin kind of seems out of character
4/9/2012 c8 Phoenix Rose
Please update! I :3 this story! Absolutely love it! You must update!
12/26/2011 c8 11Saphire Raider
Great job love it. Update soon
12/20/2011 c8 ChillinLikeaVillain
I like this story, please continue.

(Spoken for)
12/17/2011 c8 ily26
this is a really great story! plz update soon!:)
10/15/2011 c2 Richelle Graysbloom
Your writing is really damn awesome!

Oh and you make Robin perfect not too goody- goody

Not too much of an stuck up excuse for a hottie

Thanx so much :)

8/22/2011 c8 1Starlight Music
omg this story is amasing.. plz plz update if u do i will give this cookie i am imagianing...huh huh u konw you want it
7/27/2011 c8 awickedwonder
I love this story, please update!
7/21/2011 c8 2leechlover1901
I love this story! Please update soon!
6/12/2011 c8 StopTalkinGibberish
Sorry I meant Wally and Jen :p Still think you are the best!
6/12/2011 c8 StopTalkinGibberish
Hey man,totally love this story and I'm not joking! This is the best Teen Titan fanfic I've ever read! I would like to see more please! I also wouuld like a Wally and Jade bonus because I love Kid Flash! Please update! :)
4/25/2011 c8 Raffytaffy1122
This story is f***in' awesome!

I love this story and really want you to update soon

Seriously you are a really good writer!

Your loyal reviewer,

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