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for Tea and Sympathy

6/16/2009 c1 Vivi
I just love your SonAmy fanfics! I've read them all, from the leaf in an Icy World to Tea and Sympathy! OMG, you're great, the best! Can't wait to read chapter 4 from from Tea and Sympathy! Keep up the good work!
6/14/2009 c3 SonicRiderAmyRose111
Please make more stories of Sonamy great job 9/9
6/9/2009 c3 Smilely12135
luvs da chapt its cute. would it be a cool idea for rouge and amy to b mad at each other i mean wid the mood swings who nos what cood happed. just an idea u don't have to lisen to me (steps back)

p s i love who ur story is so natural!
6/4/2009 c3 4Im The Sweet
i love Sonic's reaction when Amy tells him "the news"
6/2/2009 c3 21Chaobaby95
BAHAHAHAHAAH I loved the ending! Very nice chapter! :D
6/2/2009 c3 2jordanrosethehedgehog
"Sonic... I need a watermelon- NOW."

Lolz! I couldn't stop laughing.

Jordan: Me neither, this chapter was too funny!

Both of us: *robot like* I NEED A WATERMELON NOW."

6/2/2009 c3 Noname277
Oops i wasn't loged in sorry(thats why my picture wasn't there!)LOL XD
6/2/2009 c3 Lizzysobebear
LOL That was a great chapter! I love the craving part! Amy's going crazy and she's frantic and Sonic is all worried and then OMG she needs water melon. lol Great job, can't wait for the next chapter! :D
6/2/2009 c3 Pinkamy
hey elizabeth,that was a great chapter. Its so funny,I'm glad your over that writers block,I think its so sweet how sonic helps amy, and that was a good idea about the cravings part, sonic's really in for it now lol. from Pinkamy
6/2/2009 c3 4allgamesallday
Yes! Another great chapter at last. I can imagine Knuckles in a state of shock. Keep going, I'm hooked. Can't wait for the next chapter.

P.S: I think your stories are brilliant and, yes, I know what it's like when you get writer's block (and you're very busy).
5/16/2009 c2 Noname277
Don't worry elizabeth there great shorts i just know the next one you write will be longer.Also i'm with you girl, i can't wait til the evil finals are over. Your doing great with your storys don't worry so much. Take my advise: FIRST get do with finals then write the next chapter, ok? Ok well good luck elizabeth and do your best bye bye for now from Pinkamy
5/16/2009 c2 22reyrocks
cool! i cant wait 4 the next chap!
5/16/2009 c2 21Chaobaby95

Ugh lucky. lol XD My exams are coming too though so... :/ Brr, I don't wanna do them, they're gonna be a pain in the butt... And I know how you feel about writing short chapters, lol. You wanna make them longer, but we're too stressed to think about anything x.x ANYWAY, the story was kinda cute ^^ makes me think when I'm at the doctor, although I like the smell... lol.

Good luck on exams! ^^
5/16/2009 c2 lulu I LOVE sonamy
Awesome chappie! cant wait 4 next one.

BTW I will pray for u 4 ur exams ;-)
5/15/2009 c2 Smilely12135
yay loves chappie!
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