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9/29/2013 c1 10quillquate
The goofy dog probably reminded Curly Permy of Koko, for me,it reminded me of Pluto.
1/11/2012 c1 Peachs
Awsome! Can you write a sequel?
10/28/2011 c1 Je m'appelle Marie
cutee :D
2/24/2011 c1 3DarkFlameInfernal
Love it
8/8/2010 c1 18Chennah
NICE, super nice. This is one of thee best stories i have read. :D
4/8/2010 c1 2sonamy4eva22
Hahaha, adopt a wife. Love it! x)
8/10/2009 c1 7glacine
T^T Thank you so much for writing this. I was desperately looking for a good SumirexKoko story. It's too cute =DD
5/24/2009 c1 50Corvus corone
Koko/Sumire is always awesome. ^^

For a nervous first attempt, I think you did very well. There were several grammar-y errors (e.g. "Sumire on the other hand couldn’t bear the bullying the do to Koko chased them with her alice" I couldn't understand at all), and the sheer amount of hyped up exclamation marks annoyed me after a while, but it was still cute and sweet and I loved how you portrayed Koko.


"Natsume, do you know how much mousse I used just to make the perfect hairdo?" I found that so cute (just like Koko). ^^
4/23/2009 c1 29Lacrimosa Cruentus Luna
Koko and Sumire are such a funny couple, but I love them together so much! Awesome fic :3
4/18/2009 c1 Jdee
I love this!

You kept Kokoroyomi and Sumire well in character and crafted their relationship in a light manner that fitted them (and Gakuen Alice) well. ^_^ The running theme about adopting pets was also very cute, and well incorporated.

Well done!
4/14/2009 c1 5tAnGeRiNe-jUjUbE08
cute story...

i love the plot...

kokoxsumire rocks...
4/14/2009 c1 61Blue -Niagra
This story was so cute and funny! Thanks for writing it, you made my day! Hahahaha!

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