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for Katherine's Legacy

6/12 c9 599Ghostwriter
Awesome job. I love it.
5/12/2009 c9 2Jesshayes
Hi, this is great, please please please carry on with this story. I'd love to read more!
4/24/2009 c9 2Jeremy Shane
good chapter & more please
4/24/2009 c9 2Ahodyuinsentaim
great chapter. I can't wait for luke and lorelai to meet again. update soon :)
4/23/2009 c8 micyaya
Ah that was nice... Thanks for the update!
4/23/2009 c8 Ahodyuinsentaim
ooh intrigue. I'm wondering if katherine woke up and talked about lorelai during the day. great chapter. can't wait for more. :)
4/23/2009 c6 Ahodyuinsentaim
I love that idea that luke and his mom shared a dream both of them enjoyed. unfortunately william had to die to acomplish that. great chpater. :)
4/23/2009 c8 2Jeremy Shane
good chapter & more please
4/23/2009 c4 2Ahodyuinsentaim
that's so sad. I was really pulling for her to make it. :(
4/23/2009 c3 Ahodyuinsentaim
It's kind of sad that lorelai's only confidant is a woman she's never met who's in a coma. reminds me of that episode of friends where monica and phoebe were battling over the guy in the coma who didn't even know them. anyway. great chapter. :)
4/23/2009 c2 Ahodyuinsentaim
You really made chris into a little worm, I love it. I still hate that guy. I hope she actually gets to meet katherine before the end. :)
4/23/2009 c1 Ahodyuinsentaim
I'm a late reader and now have 7 more chapters to go. I loved that sookie and mia meet lorelai earlier than on the show. hopefully luke will also make an early appearance. figures the gilmores aren't even their to support lorelai like parents should. great first chapter. :)
4/21/2009 c7 2Jeremy Shane
good chapter & more please
4/20/2009 c6 Jeremy Shane
good chapter & more please
4/18/2009 c5 Jeremy Shane
good chapter & more please
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