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7/20/2012 c2 DinieLuvYunho
**catch your watermelon kisses** question: why its must be watermelon? hehehe n_n

oh wow nice two starting chapters but when hitsuruki gonna meet? i want hitsuruki! w
10/15/2010 c2 3Kittens Hellfire
Where does rukia come in?
8/16/2009 c2 3CrAyZEeGood
Good story! PLease update soon. let me guess. Kagera is hitsu, chou is hinamori, matsumoto is some sort of family body guard, Hitsu's past is that he was a yakuza/assasine boss family member
4/29/2009 c2 19wickedsistah1024
Kya~ (ugh, you don't accept anonymous reviews, and I was forced to log in. I was feeling too lazy, but oh I said to myself, 'must review! must review!')

that was a little, miniscule backround story you have there, and there is so much more to uncover regarding the big plot! so update really soon! I want those watermelon-shaped waffles (I've had my own share of craving just last week, and oh...the idea of watermelon-shaped waffles make me drool...gigantic waffles...just not watermelon-flavored, cuz I don't eat watermelon. XD)

my review is nonsense, I know. LOL. Lasing yata ako. Sorry, kakainom ko lang, at tumapat ako agad sa PC paguwi ko. LOL Nahihilo na ko. I'm a bad influence, telling you these things. XD

anyhoo, update soon! XD
4/26/2009 c2 4phoenixfire3473
Omg I loved it! I was just slightly confused with the first part! I hope u review! - pho
4/21/2009 c1 2snowdays
Whoo~ the vagueness leaves me wanting more! Update soon!~ :D

4/16/2009 c1 malea.anne
hi! I am a bit confused with your Prologue - I don't know what is going on. But okay! I shall wait for the next chapter =D
4/16/2009 c1 19wickedsistah1024
Am i the first to review? am i? am i?

oh. so many names. are they like...some sorta yakuza/gang leaders? sque! you have to update this soon! the plot is so shrouded in mystery as of yet, so you should write the next chap as soon as you can, okay?

And you have no excuses, 'cause it's summer vacation! XD

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