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2/6/2012 c4 DreamWeaveBeliever
Adorable story I loved the end not quite mended but in it way good job
5/20/2011 c4 creativesm75
7/21/2009 c4 MoonstarWorld
Great story! I wonder what Prowl does to earn Jazz's trust back.
7/13/2009 c4 1permanentlyonfire
Aww... Sideswipe is dead. Mwahahaaha.

And Jazz forgave Prowl. Yay. I'm happy that you got the time to finish this.

Crits? A little too cluttered. It would look/flow/read better if you broke up the paragraphs where the thoughts of each character switched I do believe. But that's just me.


7/12/2009 c4 47Yami-Yugi3
Yeay! ^_^ Can't wait for more.
7/12/2009 c4 2ZodiacSnake
i like it poor Sides he has got to stop with the betting also lil typo i saw 'maybe' is spelled 'may be' through the whole thing i think ^_^ just thought id let u know great fic!
7/12/2009 c4 42optimus prime 007
Ah, nice to see they've reconciled. They're so cute together. :)
7/12/2009 c4 Elita One
awesome chapie

yeah they made up
7/12/2009 c4 21Mirage Shinkiro
Thank you. It's a lovely way to end the story, and I agree with your choice. Had Prowl been malicious in his intent, it would have been different, but it was a mistake, and if they really love each other, not a mistake they couldn't recover from. And you're right. There really is nothing worse than living every day knowing someone hates you. It would be especially bad since Jazz suffered a loss and really needed Prowl. So thank you for the uplifting ending!
7/12/2009 c3 2ZodiacSnake
ok so im totally in love with this I do so hope u update soon cause that cliffhanger's going to drive me batty I adore the idea of them having siblings u don't see that very often in TF fiction its really interesting & uv done it very well! ^_^
6/29/2009 c3 1permanentlyonfire
What? Whatwhatwahtwhatwhat? No. Come back you plastered cliffy! *reaches uselessly* Please come back? *whimper*
6/8/2009 c3 12Sergeant Duck

Evil cliffhanger! Not fair! Anyways, love the story an can't wait to read more!
6/8/2009 c3 21Mirage Shinkiro
What a relief. I'm so glad to see you updated. I can understand why you'd want to break up a chapter when it hit around 70 words, but honestly, it didn't feel too long. Not at all. It was a smooth read, and I'm glad you didn't break it.

Anyway, I was so glad to see Prowl trying to help Jazz with his grief and Jazz apologizing for taking out his grief on Prowl. It's a very significant development that pushes forward your plot, and yet there are still several issues to resolve. (Btw, I noticed you accidentally kept writing "wander" instead of "wonder" when Prowl was thinking.) The chapter was highly dramatic and suspenseful, I must say, and I kept glancing at the bar on the browser window, hoping I had lots of chapter left to read. I seriously didn't want it to end. Can't wait to see the next chapter!
5/3/2009 c2 Elita One
rofl looks like jazz and prowl are stuck together now
5/3/2009 c2 Mirage Shinkiro
Wow... that was super angst. I feel really bad for both of them now. Given their level of pain, I hope they can begin working through it next chapter. With the death of his brother, Jazz doesn't need to be holding out against someone who genuinely loves him but made a bad mistake. Likewise, even those who make mistakes don't deserve to be punished forever, especially when there was no malicious intent and Prowl is genuinely sorry. Besides, Prowl really is the best person to comfort Jazz, given the issue with Barricade. Wow, and now I'm rambling. Sorry. I just... really identified with all that, both from the side of having someone die on you and from having people take out their angst and "issues" on me.
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