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2/17 c8 4Stormysea-breaks
Wow! Please...please...update this fluffy fic. It is gorgeous in so many ways. There is so much potential for more chapters. I would love to see Mary grow up with dad and gumpy (this is pure genius as a name as it fits grumpy grandad like a glove!). The sex scene was very hot and John storming in very funny in a cringing sort of way. It is those moments between Dean and his dad that make this work awesome. It needs to continue ...you owe it to the fandom...we need cheering up so much!
I hope with all my heart that you are still writing and that you have not lost your love of Supernatural. You make these beloved characters come to life. Thank you for this.
3/12/2018 c8 ZeldaIsis
I just love this story. It is different from
Ones I’ve read before. I like how John is included in it. So I see it’s been almost ten years but, uh, an update would be amazing. Please?
9/9/2016 c8 Lightblade
Its a beautiful story!But kindly don't leave it in cliffhanger mode. Please complete it.
7/20/2015 c8 67CornishGirl
"Lots more to come?" Where? When? wailing After this much time probably nothing, which is a real shame. This is a lovely story. And the whole scene with Ella, Dean, and John is hysterical.
12/19/2014 c8 Mickey12Boo
This would have been a great story :'( hope that “update" comes soon lol
10/17/2013 c8 jankjay
Your kid-fics are the absolute best. I love them for their realism and how you don't treat the kids (whether it's orphan Dean or baby Mary) like dolls, but you still acknowledge their fragility. Such sweetness. I just wish for more.
1/31/2013 c8 jankjay
I'm new to SPN fanfiction, but I'm catching up as quickly as I can. This is an absolutely charming piece. I was skeptical at first, but you really got Dean's voice down, which made it hilarious.

So charming. So sweet. Thank you for sharing it.
8/15/2011 c8 1pielover62
Little Mary is just so adorable! ANd Dean as a dad is just plain hott! I know it's been years since you've updated this, but I'd love to see it finished. Any chance at all?
2/7/2011 c8 3Blume
Lovely! But are you ever going to update this? I’m just asking, not making demands of any sort.. still it would be interesting to read more about it… because Dean is such a cute dad! XD

…a little bit nympho, but still a great dad, and during this time, Dean still has this zest for life, as opposed to his attitude in say, season 4-6, and with Mary in town, you know his view of life would be different. For starts, he would not trade his soul for Sam’s.. right?
10/26/2010 c1 35thinktink2
I wan'my gumpy scene with Mary! You must finish this. I would love to see scenes of mary and john interacting, particularly as she is now. From the sound of it, Mary has John wrapped around her finger and I would love to see how that played out in your story. Please, I hope you will finish this!
10/13/2010 c8 thinktink2
okay, two things wrong with this. Too short and not finished! I *need* more! Dying here. And I have to know, I mean, you wouldn't let jess and Mary get burned up, would you? WOULD you?
5/18/2010 c1 cmanndolls
This story is heartwarming. I would love to see it go further, even if it only goes to the day that Sam and Dean return from the hunt to find the YED had already been there and taken both Jess and Mary. Oh the angst and anger that could generate. The rest could then follow canon Supernatural..
5/7/2010 c8 zuimar
Hi, I just stumbled upon your story while browsing some old fics on FF and I read all 8 chapters you've posted in one go. This is a great story, loved reading how tender Dean is with his baby girl. I put your story on alert, I hope you intend to finish it one day!
11/14/2009 c8 anon
Any chance of an update soon?
10/5/2009 c6 9Darthnikki
*It almost hurt, feeling so complete with her lying next to him, visions of their future together painting pictures in his mind of the two of them growing old together. All his life he’d never imagined that it could be so good. Years of being isolated and alone and afraid, never being able to form attachments because they were never in one place long enough, never being able to let anyone see the real him because their lives as hunters were nothing but lies... In all that time he’d always dreamed about fitting somewhere, having what other people took for granted every day: friends, family, a home.*

Yeah sam and maybe thats what Dean wants to deep down, he has sex because at that moment in time it's not about the hunt, or being a soldier, or a psuedo dad to a bab y brother who doesn't realise what he's got. It's about him, and that person he's with right there paying him their undivided attention. Seeing him as being nothing more than a cute guy with an easy smile, but him and nothing more. And for that time Dean can be just Dean and nothing more, maybe even for that brief time even loved.

I also can't believe Sam said that about his neice turning out to be a slut! What the hell Sammy? joke or not, slip of the tongue or whatever that was just plain mean. What a wanker!
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