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for A Protector's Pride

10/13 c8 Guest
Athena is the goddess of wisdom and war strategy.
The goddess you're thinking of is Artemis.
9/15 c16 Singing Dove
The development of everyone’s powers, the matchups, not knowing what’s gonna happen next. Loving this story!

Can’t wait to see Ichigo and Ulqiuorra fight! Also “dark Chad”
9/15 c19 DRACDRAKO
Jajjajjajaja Gin x Aizen jjajajajajjaja
9/15 c1 agentshark1200
ugh the cringe kun and nee stuff
8/18 c84 anzafay21
Thanks for the chapter and sorry Neo! This was by far the best bleach story I've read ever! Loved every bit of the story and your take on the bleach verse. From seeing how you've developed ichigo's skills and abilities and with him developing and understanding his very soul. Loved how you developed his friends and what they could've been in the series, always found that to be a little sad how they didn't really develop there powers to what they could've been they had so much potential.

Every fight was fun to read as it wasn't boring and cliche at all and it was really well thought out. There's just so many things right and good about this fanfiction that it honestly deserves its own anime version and Manga of what the bleach verse could've been. Thanks you so much for creating this story! You've done an amazing job and I hope to see a future work from you and see how you envision another story and make it your own!
7/5 c48 9thebestofall
Man. Kubo and you have verrry different ideas of the Soul King
7/5 c40 thebestofall
Byakuya is a true bro.
7/5 c37 thebestofall
Kyouraku is a fucking genius. Holy shit.
7/5 c36 thebestofall
Man I bet you were surprised to know Unohana was a Kenpachi.
7/4 c35 thebestofall
AAAHHH! Tōshirō you dumbass! First he suspected Gin, now Mayuri!
7/4 c24 thebestofall
So. Basically Ichigo now has True Shikai.
7/4 c13 thebestofall
Man this is bad. Aizen isn't going to attack the living world now. If his Arrancar are stronger in Hueco Mundo then why will he leave. Plus its easier to defend than invade.
7/4 c8 thebestofall
Cazador is such a good fucking name for White.
6/21 c20 Guest
Histe ver a los espada como un chiste, débiles y le regalaste todo a los Shinigami.
6/18 c21 daragunshot
"Let us hope Kurosaki Ichigo can recover... or else we will be forced to kill him" Yamamoto thinks like he didn't try just that a minute ago.
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