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for Florence Nightingale at your Service, Viking

4/20/2009 c5 knblas
Yay! Thank you for updating. I love Eric's outburst and Sookie's understanding of it instead of getting all riled up.
4/20/2009 c4 3Pflow
this is great! can't wait to
4/20/2009 c4 vikingaddict
great story so far, can't wait for chapter 5
4/20/2009 c4 6MelissaSueD
I'm really looking forward to where you are taking this story! A sick vampire? OMG! :)
4/20/2009 c4 Gjers-1
It's really hard to read about Eric being ill or weak in any way. He's always so strong and virile. If he's going to get sick, I'm glad he's already with Sookie. She's taken care of him when he's needed her in the past. I'm sure she's happy to do it again, since his illness will obviously be upsetting to her (as well as him). I hope it's not something deadly (ha ha).

If he was elsewhere, I would be worried about the ruthlessness of any of his enemies who would certainly welcome the opportunity to take advantage of him being in a weakened state. :( Let's hope Sookie can keep them at bay.

I wonder what could be wrong with him. I'm worried, especially since Eric himself seems to not have any idea what could be happening to him. That's disconcerting.

Looking forward to more. Good job. :)
4/19/2009 c4 6dawnwsullivan
Well for a first effort this is really good - you've captured Eric & Sookies' personalities perfectly, the story is unique and your writing flows well. It's funny and interesting and I can't wait to see what happens!
4/19/2009 c4 ncvampfan
I just found this story and read all four chapters at once. You are doing a great job, I never would have guessed this was your first story. You are off to a very good start and I hope you continue to write, you seem to have a knack for this!
4/19/2009 c4 necie143
good start/ keep it going i can not wait to find out what Eric has and where did he get it
4/19/2009 c4 hah09
I like your story. I am curious where you are going to go with it since vamps don't get ill... I am guessing tainted blood... Great job with your first fan fiction.
4/19/2009 c4 SouthernVampireFan85
hehe, this is so interesting. I can't wait to hear more about his illness.

loved the cranberry dress - very clever having Claudine pop in with it!

and liked the shared emotions in this chapter through the bond. :)

thank you!
4/19/2009 c3 SouthernVampireFan85
power-gym of feelings! lol! hilarious.
4/19/2009 c4 Fanvamp
Your a terrific writer, keep it up. Love your story and can't wait for Eric to get well and see what happens with him and Sookie.
4/19/2009 c2 SouthernVampireFan85
cute! I look forward to reading about their date! :)
4/19/2009 c4 julesep3026
This is a very well written fanfic, I am surprised it is your first. Can't wait to read your description of what Eric has and see how he acts when he is sick.
4/19/2009 c4 25emmettismymonkeyman
Great Story...Are they gonna be anymore chapters?
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