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for Florence Nightingale at your Service, Viking

4/19/2009 c4 jeffers
Whoa, did someone spike his blood? An attempt on his life? m..
4/19/2009 c4 sluggysmom
WOW! Are you sure this is your 1st fanfic? I just read the first 4 chapters and am amazed! This story is excellent! I hope you can update soon! :)
4/19/2009 c4 SEOrwin
Oh no...

Well, I guess the only question I have is if he's going to act like every other man and whimper while he's sick ;)

Enjoyed the chapter!
4/19/2009 c4 5mariaterese
Good story, it's getting really interesting.
4/19/2009 c4 31Thyra10
This story is something else. I am intrigued by Eric`s sickness and really looking forward to reading more!
4/19/2009 c4 MoonGoddess67
Great story - I can't wait for the next chapter.
4/19/2009 c4 knblas
This is fast becoming my favorite on-going story right now. It's very well written. Sookie's nervous but not completely avoiding their 'talk' in a bratty way and Eric is, as usual, perfect. And I like the twist of him getting sick. Taking them back to the caretaker/patient type relationship that worked so well for them last time.
4/19/2009 c4 3stealingdreams
OK. You have me hooked and waiting! Great story. I can't wait to see what happens next. Update soon.
4/19/2009 c4 VampSexual
Great writing! Looking forward to many more chapters.
4/19/2009 c4 ericsmine
Oh OH My Viking is sick, don't worry Dear One I will take good care of you...I love this story you are doing a great job.
4/19/2009 c4 puddiebaby35
Great! Can't wait for more
4/19/2009 c4 2Yarvarni
very intriguing. Our poor Viking hasn't been ill for 10+ years and now he's struck low. And poor Sookie it is bad enough taking care of a man while he's sick I can only imagine how horrid and whiny a vampire male who "can't" get sick is going to be to take care of.
4/19/2009 c4 1CatLyon
Whoo! It's getting good. Next chapter ought to be a real hoot.
4/19/2009 c4 1missedkarma
Really good start. I like the idea that Eric will need to depend on Sookie instead of vice versa..LOL.

Anxiously awaiting the next chapter.
4/19/2009 c4 3murgatroid-98
Yikes! Whatever it is, it hit him fast. Hope the next update will be quick.
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