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for Secrets Lie In The Blood

9/2/2018 c4 1B4bidden
really wish there was more pls update
2/10/2014 c4 2BekaRoo
I really really really like this fic and I hope you continue it and update again soon!
6/1/2011 c1 DisneyMermaid
This is really good! Please keep writing it!
10/30/2010 c4 1jimbobjr39
please wrtite more please:)
8/3/2010 c4 jasmineyeo
is this the end already?
8/3/2010 c3 jasmineyeo
8/3/2010 c2 jasmineyeo
why's Christian crying?
8/3/2010 c1 jasmineyeo
it's great! = ]
8/1/2010 c4 2shadowkissed586
Pllease update soon!
7/16/2010 c4 You-Know-U-Luv-MeXOXO
Y did ya stop writing?I luved ur story!UD soon PLZ...otherwise it's revenge...kidding
6/26/2010 c4 12Jodie Antonia
Ohhhh I love it! I cant wait till you update. (DO IT SOON) Dont keep us waiting. I cant bare it! x
6/5/2010 c4 Tab96
I love your story post more ASAP. First off I was not expecting Adrian to say that I was expecting something along those lines but not as bad as that. I really hope Lissa comes clean about it to Christian. And please don't make Rose hate Lissa forever after all they are best friends and you can only stay mad at a person for so long. Anyways I'm glad that you're making Rose and Dimitri have some type of relationship and I was cracking up the whole time Rose was under his bed and the sneeze was classic. Anyways post more as soon as you can.
5/22/2010 c4 11bloom00011
you havent updated for so long that your asking for a green button review :( its blue now so think of how the poor poor readers of your magnificent story are feeling.Jesse and Ralph have been tormenting that foor student for months and trose hasent moved for that long eather, talk about major muscle cramp. so please update or try to update one of your other stories. I miss your storyallerts in my indox. enjoy the weekend :)
4/2/2010 c4 8AVampireEclipse
I really love this story but are you ever gonna update it? I hope u do!
3/19/2010 c1 sorrowfilledangel287
don't get me wrong i love your story so far like alot but i just have to say something about rose. One minute shes all like oh my god. he doesn't want me he hates me. I can believe i ever thought he loved me and then the next minute shes all like omg i love him he loves me everythings perfect its like whiplash or shes bipolar or something i do love your story but thats the only part i find messed up.
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