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for Hina Digger

6/4 c19 1Beowulf-BX
I'd like to see this story updated please. I wanna see how it keeps on going and how many other ladies fall for our ronins charms.

Please tell me that if you bring Ryan in he won't have a Stand. That jerk is already an ego whore so a stand would make him just an ass. And tell me Gina wont fall for him. That'd be a dick move on your end lol.

Update please. Thanks.
1/6/2020 c1 FoxFire2209
this will be the 7th time I've reread this and I still can't get enough of what u have done with our boy Kei it is both imaginative and ingenious. its just beautiful man I love it's one of my favorites.
8/21/2019 c19 Guest
Are you do more soon?
5/3/2018 c19 17gemm1mt
Awesome man.
4/12/2017 c19 Nambo
Great chapter and I hope for more in the not too far future
10/31/2016 c6 DYnoJackal19
That's a really good idea, with the life-size Keitaro plushy and 'rocket man of Hinata' concept.
11/20/2015 c19 4Major Simi
Wow, great story so far, please continue
11/30/2014 c19 KrisB-71854
First time that I've read this. I really liked it. The only bit that I'd like altered though would be Kei calling one of his relatives just so they'd know he's o.k.

Kei has really come into his own with the girls. The only other bit was that he didn't sleep with Gina or Brianna. I don't need a lemon or lime scene. You've referenced the girls groping him and other than the not knowing him at the first, they've really bonded with him. The Hina girls usually end up really hurting him. These girls haven't that much. Well, there were a few painful bits here and there for him.

The parts with the Hinata su were funny at first, but I was more wanting them to actually lovingly track him down in the background. I don't really like how the only way that he'll end up going back is if he were dragged back.

I like the part where you were even letting Kei have online courses and such. There is a part of me that would like to see him get a degree and just not care about that one university any more.

Oddly, the reason that the local community wanted him returned won't really be valid any more. Do you really think the scary old lady will allow the girl to abuse her grandson any more? The sword girl at least got better.

Without Naru, he wouldn't really go flying that much. His family may be surprised by just how much that he's grown up.

The one bit that I don't like about this is that there doesn't actually seem to be any romance from Kei's part in this. Oh, he is attracted to Gina and Brianna, but he can't just kiss either and fall in love for what ever reason.

I guess this does need a tad less adventure and a tad more romance. Not Kei's random falling into breasts luck though.
11/19/2014 c19 Guest
I like this fan fic but please update
8/18/2014 c19 Ddragon21
hope you update this and keitaro get's laid soon jeez gina and brianna tease but not go all the way with him lol.
7/16/2013 c19 3code R.R
interesting. . . I want more of this. . .
7/16/2013 c17 code R.R
oh god. . .47. . .
7/15/2013 c8 code R.R
what are stands and where did you find them?
7/15/2013 c7 code R.R
oh my god. . .she called in the hitman. . .
6/16/2013 c6 20Dunedain ranger of the north
You know, I think Keitaro would have made an excellent character in Gold Digger originally. Keitaro Urashima, famed world Archeologist, tends to be clumsy, especially around women often falling on them in ways that are mistaken for perversion. Yeah, he'd have been a great character!
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