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for Fun Filled Summer

6/27/2016 c10 Guest
Torture him!
4/28/2015 c7 me
I love that gamee
11/2/2013 c12 21Usami Hana Haruka
I love this chapter it's hysterical. ROFLMAO!
6/24/2012 c14 4SimplyTwisted
... that was an interesting chapter...

but this is an awesome story!
6/23/2012 c1 Rex
I dont understand
12/31/2011 c4 1Yelena Icefaren
Haha yuuki sounds just like me when I'm travelling...infect we have a lot in common we are both ditzy:)
4/17/2011 c13 23Replica Velocity a.k.a. X5 714
Great story so far.
9/14/2010 c13 12unagi-chen
AHHHHHHHHH! So good! please update!
7/26/2010 c13 Inkmoon
6/29/2010 c13 3Lost in My Sapphire Eyes
I love it when Ruka started messing with Yuuki, she's such a freaking ditz! she should be the blond one...

you should do a story with hair, wigs, ad Lady Gaga music. that would like make my freaking life! xD
5/22/2010 c13 2Kami-SamanoShukusen
4/16/2010 c13 6inkstainedtales
Lol! Love this story!
3/17/2010 c13 2Toraudewa
-Is dying form lack of oxygen in her lunngs.-
3/14/2010 c1 TimmyxJimmy fan
Haha! This is funnier then fun filled week! I mean seriously dude wtf? Where do u get this sh!t from? Cuz now I play bullshit and Ultimate so much! "Shake shake my ass ass show show my thong thong..."
3/13/2010 c1 Princess Yuki Kuran-Hime
Lol this is the most funniest fanfic I've read so far...good job on it! I will be reading the rest of your stories along with this one!
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