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for L Goes Shopping!

1/4/2012 c17 5McDubhubbub
I'm sorry but you OCs kinda annoy me ._.'

I'm really confused about things here and I wanna go back and read to make sure I didn't miss any thing but I just can't find myself to do so.

I am STILL confused about Mastuda's death. It makes me a bit sad :(
1/4/2012 c16 McDubhubbub
Wait. They're cosplaying somewhere? I get confused easily in this fic. 😓
1/4/2012 c15 McDubhubbub this an OC fic? Becaus if that's the case you should change the description, you made it seem(to me) that it was a MisaxL fic...
1/4/2012 c14 McDubhubbub
I'm beginning to get confused! Like a lot! Wasn't this supposed to be about shopping? And Misa and L? So is it LxMisa, MisaxLight and I don't understand the OCs. I thought I could put up with them...but...why? The fic is pretty much about the OCs too me and I thought it was going to be nice.

And I still don't understand Mastuda's death.
1/4/2012 c13 McDubhubbub
Aizawa and Mogi want Misa? WTF?

What does this have to do with Mastuda dying. :(
1/4/2012 c11 McDubhubbub
lol these people are OOC but it's hilarious xD

Awwww L is sweet /
1/4/2012 c10 McDubhubbub

Light screamed
1/4/2012 c9 McDubhubbub
I actually want them to leave but seeing as I'm late to this fic, I don't seem to mind :|
1/4/2012 c8 McDubhubbub
I am very confused...
1/4/2012 c7 McDubhubbub
1/4/2012 c6 McDubhubbub
Halloween already?


Yay theyre gunna leave! I mean...oh no...

1/4/2012 c5 McDubhubbub
Poor L, all his successors have girls. Heck Near has TWO.

xD Misa, she would say that
1/3/2012 c4 McDubhubbub
1/3/2012 c3 McDubhubbub
OCs huh?

Challenge accepted
1/3/2012 c2 McDubhubbub
L you just had to Gi get ice cream -,-'
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