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for A Happy Tomorrow

7/19/2015 c1 lipamo
ooooh super sweet, thats all i ever wanted for them..
12/25/2010 c1 3MiaNoir

that was AMAZING ;D

i love your story!

it´s so beautiful

11/7/2010 c1 12fantasia-49
oh i love it really and they are so good together! great one really even if it a little short but at least it is finished unlike the tv show
10/2/2010 c1 MissParkerFan
wow this story is amazing and sooo cute (:

i love it ♥
3/17/2010 c1 PeculiAr1
That was absolutely great.can u write some more plz ;)
1/19/2010 c1 6PhenyxArises
Well done! Like the way he bounced between anger and softness (with the flowers) and finally wore down her defenses. Quite plausible!
1/8/2010 c1 29lynsay
this story is almost a year old but i like it alot.
4/30/2009 c1 ack
great job
4/27/2009 c1 103Missing Linka
I loved how you made her say THE words ...


God bless you!

4/24/2009 c1 3Katescats
Hi that was good. I like happey ending.
4/21/2009 c1 Anna
Great oneshot. I love the dialogue between them. I could hear Jarod's and Miss Parker's voices in my head. Hope you'll be writing more.
4/21/2009 c1 3planet p
The tenses seemed to shift a little - 'has,' and then 'was' - and I'm not really a fan of the Jarod/Miss Parker pairing, but I won't say this was bad, just because of that. It was perhaps a little rushed - which made it a little unbelievable - but it was nice, especially when Miss Parker told Jarod that she'd secretly been in love with him her whole life (and if I'd still been a Jarod/Miss Parker pairing fan, this would have made me so happy), though it was still cute (I'm not a fan but I'm not against Jarod/Miss Parker either, I just like them better as friends).

So, this was nice, and I do like Bollywood too, and I especially like Braveheart Takes the Bride (English translation).

I'll stop rambling now, because I have more important things to do, and I'm sure you have more important things to do. Have a nice day!
4/21/2009 c1 42Miss Shannon
Personally I don't like Bollywood movies. But I liked this story! :-)

There were no groundbreaking new ideas in it, but there didn't need to be. I enjoyed a good sweet read. Thank you!

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