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for Desperate Lifelines

5/29/2011 c23 4FelicityKHuffman
OMG WOW, it's soooooooooooooo Good :) I love it Hope you do some more chapters of it. I don't know nothing about medical stuff but i am totallt hooked, and i love Tom and Lynette, Love how write them. I could totally see this sort of thing
4/2/2010 c23 6Tea With Bree
Omigod, wow, it's soo0oo0oo0 good! :D I LOVE it! Even though I know, like, nothing about medical stuff I'm totally hooked! Can't waitt for the next chapter! Ooh, and I totally hope Bree and Orson end up together... 3 The second I read the first chapter I was like "OMG, I hope there's gonna be a handsome sexyy new doctor named Dr. Hodge!" And there was one laterr, yay!
4/2/2010 c14 6Teen Journalist
Aww..what's wrong with Carlos? hmmp..hehe gotta Love this chappie! Love the part when Carlos gave Gaby a peck on the cheek,an damn it,she wanted so much more! haha it made me Love Gablos more!
4/2/2010 c17 Teen Journalist
Ohh Goodness! This is my fave chappie soo far! I love Gaby wanting Carlos to come back home! It's so sweet,I started to cry when I read the part..of Carlos' fave restaurants and everything!Ohh..I couldn't even explain it in words! It's super dramatic! And soo Good! GABLOS 4EVER! Luv This Chappie soo much!
4/2/2010 c23 Teen Journalist
OmG!OMG! That was soo dramatic&thrilling! Love how Lynette got emotional and finally shed tears when there was no pulse,aww this chappie gave me the chills! Eekk! I really,really CAn'T WaiiT 4 MooRe! :):):D
4/2/2010 c22 Teen Journalist
OMG! Soo intense,I can see this being a real episode hehe,aww...even though I have no idea about medical stuffs,you make me get hooked! I LOOVeE this Super-Duper-Incredibly-Fantabolous MUch! Can'T waiT 4 MorE! :D
4/2/2010 c21 Teen Journalist
AW Love it! I would put more exclamation points on but do U see how they dissapear? but anyways,You are Super talented in writing! TYNNIE is soo CUtiEE! hmph...Dr.Wilson is such a meanie :(

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