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for Poor Jack

9/15/2009 c10 70ScruffyLovin
LMAO! That was a good one! Really, Sam had no reason to hit him. It's not her fault she assumed he'd been hit in the crotch. lol. XD
9/14/2009 c10 eiohvbnfjkb932t42i

Very funny!

Waits for the next one!

8/14/2009 c9 13lastrequest
"Just then our bus arrived"

Pmsl. I can just see Jack doing that too! Another fab chapter :)
8/10/2009 c9 eiohvbnfjkb932t42i

That was good!

Love the diea and the last few lines =P

Watch your grammar, though. And in the third paragrph, the second time you wrote "Jack" you didn't capitalize it.

But cute story!

Waiting for the next one. I'll PM you if I get ideas.

7/14/2009 c8 eiohvbnfjkb932t42i

I crashed her hard drive!

I love that!

Cute little chappie here. Any more later on?

7/14/2009 c8 3liln2020
haha, this whole story is halarious! i love it! great job!(:
5/11/2009 c7 eiohvbnfjkb932t42i
Hahaa, made laugh, great job!

Any more?

5/9/2009 c6 13lastrequest
Nice story it's given me a lot of laughs, think my favourite chapter so far is chapter 4 - but all of them are great :)

look forwards to reading more :D
5/6/2009 c5 70ScruffyLovin
ROFLMAO! That was hysterical! :D :D :D
4/29/2009 c6 5Im so clumsy
That's brillient! :D
4/28/2009 c6 eiohvbnfjkb932t42i

All of these make me laugh so hard! I wonder if there will ever be more?

So so so so so funny. Worth the read!

4/25/2009 c5 12LunaSolTierra
Though I agree that Jack is capable of doing some of the things on the letters, they are all very funny. He definitely said the right thing at the right time cause I imagine that Sam was beyond pissed before Jack said he was married.
4/25/2009 c4 dp
Nice job. So funny.
4/25/2009 c4 4Jennifer Carter
LOL. I'm going to have to try some of these.
4/25/2009 c4 Clari
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