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10/20/2012 c1 Blue Frizz
Is it crazy that this is my third time reading this? :D
11/1/2010 c20 2hockey.helmets.forever
Omc (yea that means oh my Chad:p) such a good story best fabric so far. I loved it.
9/10/2010 c20 2KRD Corporations
WOW! i read this and it was just amazing. Like seriously brilliant. I especially loved chapters 14 and 15. Thw way you wrote the thing whit Sonny not wanting to eat was brilliant. I loved it.


7/3/2010 c20 18All.Is.Now.Harmed
great story!
6/1/2010 c20 Twiheart9609
Just read it from start to finish.. you're an AMAZING writer and I really loved this story...I actually cried and screamed and laughed out loud throughout the whole thing.

Hehe, great joobbb.. I love Channy ;)
5/30/2010 c17 18carebearfrost
OMG! Do you know what would have been cute? If when Chad's like "YOu dont leave me either," sonny should have been like "fine" and then they started that, and when sonny says "good" she could like, pass out or something.

But that was really good too(: I really like how your writing has matured alot since the first chapter (not that the first one was bad). (: It's a relief to find a story thats wellwritten, and doesn't have any extreme cussing or sexual crap. (: I like it, alot.

Good job(:
3/6/2010 c1 felicia
i love this i wish they make this into a epodside
1/30/2010 c20 21KimLuvv
Awesome story! But can u change it so James never, ever comes out of jail. He should have served lifetime for all that he did. PLEASE CHANGE IT! other than that great sonny.
1/30/2010 c3 KimLuvv
OMG, seriously y do people always make Sonny cry for no reason, she does not cry that much! She's a strong girl, she doesn't cry over little things people say to her.
1/14/2010 c15 1ChannyRockerchick2000
8/24/2009 c20 LovestoLaugh
I loved how Chad and Sonny got married! This was one of the best stories I ever read! Please continue to update your sequel!
8/21/2009 c1 11SwacAddict
Wow, this is great.

Very, VERY well written.

7/27/2009 c20 25Literati Lover
Cute ending! I absolutely love it! Great story! =)
7/25/2009 c20 Buffyfreak2008
wow! this story was...wow... AMAZING! you certainly have a writing gift. i hope to read more of your stories in the future!

7/25/2009 c20 CHANNYLICIOUS
Oh my gosh, of course you should do a sequel.Also this story was amazing.The one thing surprised me was that she was going to have a baby!But don't worry surprise is a good thing in my book.
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