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6/17/2011 c5 compa16
Ah teaser and mungo so funny
6/17/2011 c1 compa16
Aww how cute
1/28/2011 c11 61musicgal3
YAYS for me! I've finally managed to get back in to reading and reviewing...for the moment, at least.

Aw, poor Arti, but now YAYS! All happy again. XD I like happy. It makes me feel so...happy.


Anyway, awesome updates and I hope to see some more VERY, VERY, VERYYYYY soon! XD

3 ~musicgal3~ xx
4/14/2010 c11 Lavie Nenharma
Du: Cetty and Leccy... sisters?


*counts toes*
4/13/2010 c11 negligibleSanity
Great way to bring it back to the regular swing of things, Az. So, Arti finally has her collar, eh? Yay! ;P And I like the in-and-out kind of scene cuts for the vet visit. It very clearly gives the impression of anesthetic.

3/15/2010 c10 15Khaz-Calowiel

Duendei: ARTI! I'm glady you're home and safe!

I have another good point for why I'm not in it. The time frame yo'd have to keep it in, perhaps we might not have been able to reconcile when you found out my heratige? Not that I'll ever forgive it myself.
3/13/2010 c10 negligibleSanity
Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

I can't believe I just wrote that... *shudder*

So, she's finally home. Cute ending with Jem there, it's sweet. I love what Arti thinks of 'dog-people'. Someone has to explain that to her at some point...

Nice chapter, and a good wrap for the Macavity climax. I like it.

3/11/2010 c9 negligibleSanity
Well excuse ME for assuming Tugger would already be on the search team. He IS her uncle. Plus I kinda already thought Arti'd met him... I haven't read this is SO long... anyway, thanks so much for the public humiliation ;P (and I'm still annoyed at gmail for not thinking that's a smiley... ^^)

So that is how she earned the nickname 'Missy', huh? Fun break out. Pretty good plan too. Now, I must go off to dA and see that lullaby... xD

3/10/2010 c9 Khaz-Calowiel
Beaue is calmer now. Still sad, but calmer.

However, she doesn't appreciate the reference to Big Skywalker. 'Alevnni'Lookalike, (I can't spell it..) fine. But not Big Skywalker. I had to explain to her that it was because Big Skywalker was behind us.

Anyway- This is SO sweet!

I don't care that I've read it before! It's still GORGEOUS!

But I know- don't tell Bomba.

Duendei: I hope Alonzo and Munku shredded Macavity! *hisses*
3/9/2010 c8 Khaz-Calowiel
(In reply to Artemiswolfboy's review)

Marjue- Something similar to a jellicle version of hell, I'd imagine.

Dean- I'll vouch. You innocent young things you.

Duendei- Hey Lycire- is there any way at all you could drink all my inherited blood out of me?

Liaskah- how many times does Skop have to tell you? You are YOU. You blood is your own and getting rid of it would not change a hair on your flanks.

Duendei- I guess I'll never feel right. I don't implore you to understand- but if you want to try- just see what he;s doing to my best friend...
3/8/2010 c8 negligibleSanity
Not exactly sure why you hated yourself for writing this chapter... well, asides from story content, which is pretty horrible. Poor Arti! The other Jellicles better find her soon... I can't imagine what prolonged exposure to Macavity could do to a kitten, especially one with Arti's family ties. Not good. *understatement*

You're good at writing distress Az. It's very believably written. And don't worry too much about update times. It's your story, write it when you feel like it.

3/7/2010 c7 Lavie Nenharma
Duendei- GYAH!

Liaskah; She just ninja-fied a pillow. there are feathers everywhere.

Duendei; I hate my dad. I HATE my dad. I HATE MY DAD! I hate my DAD!

Liaskah; I think we'll ship her off to Brutus to calm down... Or Tokyo...

Duendei; GYA...
3/7/2010 c7 negligibleSanity
Ouch. Oh dear...


ahem. Great description, very innocent sounding. Poor Arti, she's definitely in for it now... And may I just say, Naughty Arti! You don't go sneaking out of the house when everyone tells you not to! Tsk tsk.

And Az, good excuses for not posting the chapter sooner. I know I don't have any that good for abandoning my fics after the first chapter... oops.


(that name just gets confusing around this fic, doesn't it?)
10/21/2009 c6 2Spocktopus
Great story! Can't wait to hear more. I love the relationship between Munku and his daughter, and the kittinish perspective we get from her point of view for the whole thing.
10/17/2009 c6 42jelliclesoul635
Another excellent update, what a surprise. XD

Keep writing more of this and try to update it frequently. I like this one very much.

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